Out Of Breath

Yesterday I found myself out of breath just sitting around let alone any exertion…of course that led to a panic attack that led to some valium and I was still out of breath…even just talking made me out of breath! It lasted all day and dr’s office didnt know or even carethey just said go to ER…so I did…The dr said everyone reacts differently to meds and I could just be having this side effect but it is not an allergic reaction as I dont have hives or my throat closing up…My oxygen level is 100% so even though I feel like I am not getting enough air essentially I am…He said it could also be anxiety and it might be something that takes a little while to get over…So took my bactrim last night and this morning and all i have left it tonights and tomorrow mornings then I am done with the stupid crap I guess from right now on I ignore any symptoms it makes me have…

This sounds like a pretty classic panic attack. I actually went to the ER for this before too. I was hooked up to a machine and they checked my heart, ect. I was perfectly normal but thought I was on my last leg. Turns out anxiety was the culprit.

Have you tried to treat the underlying panic problem? If you’re like me you’re probably too afraid to treat it. I know this cycle. Hang in there. :slight_smile: