Out of Meds Help!

I’ve been taking 30mg of Nortriptyline, I’m down to one pill left (I usually take three 10mg pill daily). I called in the Rx refill to my pharmacy and they denied it because “supposedly” I’m not due for a refill until Sunday. of course it’s impossible that they just didn’t get me the correct number of pills in the first place. We’re talking about what three days here? I’ve never missed a dose before, I really think it’s been helpful, I haven’t missed a day of work in almost a month (before I was usually calling out once a week). The warnings on the pills indicate that withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. The pharmacy wouldn’t even let me pay for the pills myself and basically looked at me like I was some drug fiend- we’re talking about THREE days! Has anyone else gone off Nori for a few days? I have clonazepam, should I take a dose of that instead? sooo frustrating

Can you call your doc & request a call to the pharmacy? Stopping for 3 days is not a good idea!

I have run into this problem many times and I always call my doctor and they call in a few pills to hold me over. Even if my insurance will not pay for this (as it usually does not), the small cost out of pocket will be well worth it!
Good luck!

Hi Miley,

Can you have your dr. call this in to a walmart or a target- I think Nortrip there out of pocket would be something like $4!

How long have you been on it for? that is great that it is helping you, what symptoms does it help with? do you have trouble with walking and did it help with that?

I’m not sure where you live but in australia, you can go to the pharmacy who originally filled the prescription and get a few days of meds to tie you over!

I wouldn’t stop and start. Too confusing for your brain!

thanks for all the responses, sorry just getting back - been a rough couple days. I WISH I had considered calling my doctor, instead I was a complete idiot and just went without my medication. I did ask the pharmacy if I could just pay out of pocket for the pills or if I could just have a few and they *emphatically * declined. I went Friday & Saturday with no Nori, I refilled my prescription on Sunday and been taking regular dose since but it’s like being back to square one. I haven’t been out of bed for more than an hour in 3days. I tried going to work today, I couldn’t even get dressed. the world just starts to spin and i feel lightheaded as soon as I stand up and I can’t manage to sleep for more than 1-2hrs at a time :cry:

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How long have you been on it for? that is great that it is helping you, what symptoms does it help with? do you have trouble with walking and did it help with that?

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I really like the Nori, I’ve only been on it since December (I was diagnosed then too), I really hadn’t had a full blown MAV episode in almost a month, sometimes I would get that dizzy feeling but it would go away within a few minutes rather than that constant unsteady feeling I had before. Definitely helps with my walking/balance as well. I also started with a physical therapist and she has me doing yoga-esque exercises to help with balance as well.

ugh sorry to hear that miley- hopefully within a few days you will get back to feeling better. if it makes you feel any better i fell asleep the other night and forgot to take my norvasc which is a new rx- the next day i was a WRECK- i have forgotten meds before though and never had this type of reaction- i think it is this particular rx.

so were you saying that before the nori, you felt a constant unsteadiness on your feet, and now that u are on it, you don’t feel that at all?

The unsteadiness isn’t completely gone but it’s not constant any longer. I’ll have brief “episodes” but usually it only lasts a few minutes and pretty much returned to normal lifestyle pre- MAV

that’s awesome miley!!!