"Out of My Head" - new documentary about migraine

“Out of My Head” - a documentary about migraine scheduled for release in 2018. You can watch a trailer on their website:


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“episodes of blinding, debilitating pain experienced in the head, the onset of Migraine is preceded in 30 percent of adult sufferers by a visual aura (blurred/impaired vision, flashes of light and color), and accompanied in nearly all sufferers by anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and hyper-sensitivity to light. Extreme cases can present with hallucinations, temporary blindness, aphasia, and stroke-like symptoms.”

My MAV is NOTHING like how they describe. This is not the same thing.

Where are the descriptions of dizziness, marshmallow floor, chronic 24/7 imbalance, positional vertigo, spinning vertigo, ear pain, ear pressure, hearing loss, tinnitus, eye focussing trouble?

It’s ENTIRELY different.

Let’s stop this BS that MAV is caused by migraine!!! (no doubt early on in the illness we get migraines and I still get migraine rumbles, but that says nothing about what the root cause is)

Forgive my obvious frustration but we are getting NO CLOSER to a solution if we dwell on the brain. We need to know IN DETAIL what is going on in the ear of a MAV sufferer.

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