Over 2 Weeks on Verapamil

Hi All - Well I flew cross country and back and while I had some serious rocking/movement feelings the night of each flight that has seemed to die back down. And… I didn’t flip at 30,000 feet so that is something :slight_smile: I am now just over 2 weeks on the verap and the only thing I feel its done is sort of morphing of my systems. No idea whether this is actually from the verap (I know these things are not side effects but maybe its having some impact so my symptoms are changing??).

I have felt a very weird sort of depth perception issue - like I have short periods of time where everything looks off kilter. The other thing that is also happening and is very very unpleasant is I am having these sort of small slow spinning sensations. They aren’t full rotational spins but almost like my “vertical hold” is off - for those of you who remember the old TVs!! The spin is always on my left side and never goes into full vertical but it is nauseating and alarming me…

Does anyone have these symptoms??

The neuro wants me to double the verap (up to 240mg) and give it another 2 - 3 weeks and then he wants to switch to effexor… I am scared to take that. He says that if I am feeling worse or not any better at that point - its clearly not working.

Thanks for listening. Appreciate any thoughts.