Overtired=less dizziness sometimes. Anyone else get this?

I notice that sometimes when I don’t get much sleep, like about 5-6 hours, My symptoms aren’t as bad. Just curious to see if anyone else gets this. Although if I have too many nights of this I do start feeling shitty again. But maybe once a week or so, I’ll have a night when I don’t get much sleep and the symptoms aren’t bad.

Maybe a tired brain just blends in with dizziness and I don’t notice??? I don’t think so though. There may be something to it that for some reason a night of less sleep can reduce symptoms significantly. Maybe it’s just me I don’t know.

I got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night and I’m feeling about 90% dizzywise. I am tired but it isn’t bad. Does this happen to anyone else?


No - if I get tired it makes me ill! I’m now quite strict at going to bed and getting up at regular times. Just the other week I was at a wedding and stayed unitl 11pm and did I pay for it the next day!

Yes. I have noticed for years that less sleep usually means less headache and I feel better. Only drawback is a feel like a zombie all day. I am best on about 5 or 6 hours.

Also, I have noticed its the second part of the night that causes the problems. Sleep first 4 hrs, usually wake after 4 hrs with no headache etc. Back to sleep then wake with bad head.


Strange how sleep deprivation is ok for some but not all.


I seem to do better on less sleep as well. I try and set my alarm for about 7 hours worth - forcing my ars to get up after the alarm goes off is another story!

never…sleep deprivation = total hell for me. period. :twisted:

— Begin quote from "Go Gonzaga"

never…sleep deprivation = total hell for me. period. :twisted:

— End quote

I’m exactly the same. I need good sleep or I’m in trouble!

Sorry for the late reply… my short answer is:


I began keeping a symptom journal (at my sister’s suggestion) after my first ocular migraine in 1999 (age 42), before which I didn’t even know I was a migraineur. But at that time I had no idea migraine might be related to my dizziness–I assumed it was just my ear. My real problem that fall was a significant increase in my low-level longtime dizziness.

I kept track of weather, salt, caffeine, amount of sleep, etc. The only two factors I could see that made my head feel less dizzy-woozy, with better concentration, were (1) taking “sinus” pills–I’m sure it was the pseudoephedrine that helped–and (2) getting 5-6 hours of sleep after two or more nights of 8 hours. That made a HUGE difference.

Thus, mild sleep deprivation (when I was already well “slept up”) made me feel FABULOUS, like I could go out and conquer the world. But more than one or two nights of sleep deprivation and I’d feel worse.

If I had 3 or more nights of a full 8 hours or even 7.5, I would get very much more motion-sensitive, woozy, sleepy, foggy, dizzy.

This was a VERY clear pattern for me.

I kept writing in my journal how the “too much sleep” dizziness was in the “front” of my head (a feeling of impaired concentration, perhaps a bit of pressure in the front of my head), while the “too little sleep” dizziness was a “deeper” dizziness somehow.


Hi, yes tiredness does seem to palliate the symptoms…but you just can’t think.