Overwhelming fatigue

Hi guys,

For the last week or so I’ve been experiencing a very severe fatigue – I feel as if I haven’t slept in days even though I’ve been getting regular rest. There was a day where it seemed to lift and then on Saturday I allowed myself to sleep in a bit and woke up in complete zombie-mode. I know some of you experience fatigue with your MAV, but is it ever like this? It has me concerned that something like CFS could be at play as well, though the fatigue is not generally this disabling. Of course, when I’m tired it exacerbates all the MAV symptoms, so I’m feeling like hell altogether. My dad suggested it could be allergies as he’s been very tired himself but without the usual congestion that he gets with his allergies as Spring starts, perhaps because it’s taking so long to get here this year (at least in New York). Anyone have any ideas/can relate?


Adrienne, I think I know the feeling. It hit me bad most of last week,w/n I was getting normal sleep. Down here in Maryland, the weather was real changeable, and that could account for it all by itself. I think Maryalice pointed that out. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pretty similar in NY.
Let me take that back: part of that time, I was in Westchester, so I know the NY weather was sucky. Particularly nasty for driving in heavy traffic to get there and back, Delaware Memorial Bridge, Jersey Turnpike . … .

Just posted on David’s “Tired” thread, and then I noticed this. I think the weather patterns (and a horrendous allergy season, for those of us who suffer from that too) have been brutal. I suspect that migraineurs don’t have to be in the tornado zones - even the fringe areas of these barometric surges, hundreds of miles from the worst parts of the storms, will be fluctuating in terms of the atmospheric pressure and it’s therefore affecting our migraine brains. After several days of this, we are now toast!

I don’t get bad headaches, but does anybody get “good” headaches?? I just don’t want to do a daily Advil thing - I’m on medication to prevent migraine symptoms, for cryin’ out loud! It mostly keeps me from getting dizzy, which is by far my most disabling migraine symptom, but being headachy for days is wiping me out. And I don’t feel rested either - I’m coughing some at night due to my allergies, and I know that affects the quality of my sleep. I’m due for a trip to my allergist, but I’m on a few different allergy drugs already - I hate to add any more.

So, my point is that I think (I HOPE) this is a temporary thing that is weather related, with allergy stuff thrown in there as a bonus. Let’s see if this too shall pass…

Here’s one clue that might, might just help: “Individuals who were physically active had significantly better HRQOL [health-related quality of life] compared with those who were inactive. Furthermore, those who had arthritis and remained physically active were less likely to report fair or poor health.”

This is from “Health-Related Quality of Life of U.S. Adults with Arthritis: Analysis of Data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2003, 2005, and 2007.” Sylvia E. Furner, Jennifer M. Hootman, Charles G. Helmick, Julie Bolen, Matthew M. Zack. Arthritis Care and Research. However, I think it applies whether or not you have arthritis. And regarding the correlation vs causation conundrum, I took my doc’s advice to get more physically active, and it helped me. Though I seem to be learning that I have to be gentle and respectful toward my body, giving myself breaks rather than pushing through when I approach an edge, &c.

As unfortunate as it is that something like weather, which we have no control over, can affect us like this it is comforting to know that it could be a reason for triggering an increase in symptoms. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

On Tuesday evening I forced myself to go to the gym and 30 minutes on the bike seemed to wake me up a bit. Slowly coming out of the haze…

I go through this a lot. I believe for me it’s allergies and pollution sensitivity and just plain old aging :(. I am usually worse this time of year though. Our pollen and pollution are bad off and on here.

It’s frustrating i know - even if you do get plenty of sleep you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept in days :frowning:

I had my thyroid checked a couple of times because of this and it wasn’t that. I’m taking hormones now and i don’t think they are helping much either - i may stop soon.

I hope you feel better soon!


I would check your thyroid…really get it checked well…t1, t2, t3 and t4. You could possible be hypothyroid…Other than that, are you eating at regular intervals? Taking good multivitamin supplements? Getting the B vitamins? That could all help…I was told the Omega 3 fish oils are very helpful for healing the brain as well…

For the last couple of days, I’ve been taking 3 hour naps! That it totally not me and my poor husband works the graveyard shifts has been up with the kids and he is the one who should be sleeping. I especially have been feeling extra dizzy as well and sleep is my only relief. I think it’s just the weather change and allergy season?