Pain patch is helping my horrible chronic migraines

I have tried several meds for my migraine pain and visual vertigo and have finally found some relief for the pain with a Fentanyl pain patch. It’s a very tiny one but I haven’t felt this good in two years. It hasn’t helped the visual vertigo at all, but I figure one step at a time. I can finally do things around the house and take the burden off of my husband who has been very helpful and patient for the last two years. I have only been on it for one week and my family and friends have noticed a huge improvement in my overall mood and activity level. I was sent to a pain management doctor by my primary care physician and am happy she sent me to him. He even asked me if I had tried marijuana.

Has anyone else here ever used a pain patch?

Great news that the Fentanyl pain patch is working for you - hope it continues to do so as the constant headaches can make life so hard besides having to deal with the visual vertigo. Do you notice any side effects from using the patch? I wonder how the patch differs from using pain killers that the specialists tell us prolong the migraine and cause rebound? Did your pain management doctor give you any information regarding this?
Keep us posted on your progress.

Hi Barb,

The doctor didn’t give me any info on the rebound issue. All I know is I haven’t felt this good in two years, so for the moment I am going to stick with this. He is also sending me to a pain management psychotherapist to see if there are some other techniques that will be helpful with the pain.

I haven’t been on the boards for awhile because I didn’t have anything change with my situation until now. I will try and keep everyone posted with any more changes in my situation.



That’s great! I hope it continues to work for you. Thank you for letting us know how you are.

(Maybe I should look into that too.)

My best,