Painkillers & dizzy/disequilibrium

Hi everyone,

Am wondering; as I don’t get much in the way of headaches, as many of you do, am I okay to take some painkillers now and then?

I’m thinking that a little aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen would help me with the achy-flu feelings. But I don’t want to make anything worse! Esp since the rotational vertigo part seems to be under control now…cross fingers.



I go by Buchholz recommendations of limiting them to no more than twice a week for ibuprofen/aspirin/tylenol pain relievers. I try laying down in quiet dark place, heat or cold compress, etc, first, but there are times I just need it or the pain makes my head fog worse, too.

My neurologist doesn’t seem to take issue with painkillers. She said overdosing to get rebounds would have to be something like taking them daily for a month. When we talked about how my MAV gets worse at “that time of the month” she told me to start taking Aleve round the clock for about 5 days, starting 3 days before I’m due. Sounds a bit extreme, but anyhow, all that to say not all neurologists agree with Buccholtz on the pain killers. I’m thinking “all things in moderation” :wink:

Thank you, Luna and Erika.

I’m thinking moderate use & I should be okay. The flu-like aches can sometimes really get to me.


And then there’s ice for inflammation, heat for tight muscles. I admit, though, to taking aspirin for bad inflammation and acetaminophen for distracting pain.

Yes, David the heating pad sounds really good about now. My neck is out. Yuck.