Panic attacks

Does anyone else get these? Im in a bad spell dizzywise at the moment and my anxiety is so bad its scary. I wasnt as dizzy yesterday as I have been but felt on edge all day I could not relax at all and driving which I previously had no problem with even when I was at my worst with this has become an issue. Im hyperventilating in the car when I do manage to get out.
I feel so dizzy lately but this panic I seem to have all day is not helping at all.
Im on a tryclic anti-d on the lowest dose Im wondering if upping that will help when Ive given birth ? I hate dizziness but the panic feeling makes me feel ten thousand times worse. I need to be able to take my kids to school etc even whilst dizzy I just wish it would go away. Ive done so much this year been on holidays, concerts etc and not had panic like this :frowning:

Oh the panic attacks really are horrible aren’t they. I had them all the time at the very beginning and a few weeks ago I had one when I experienced spinning vertigo in the night. Do you think yours are a physiological response to the increased dizziness or are you worrying so much that it is causing panic. I know that my actual panic attacks are an automatic brain response to feeling very dizzy/vertigo and not something I could really control but then I have other times where I am very agitated and worried but it isn’t actually a panic attack and I am more in control mentally. I feel anxious at the moment because I am in a bad patch but it isn’t a panic attack where I am shaking, heart palpitations, nauseous and feeling like I am gonna die. I have heard something called The Linden Method is good for panic attacks/anxiety. I have not really looked into it but other people have talked about it positively on other forums. Maybe worth looking at? I guess with the baby due so soon you won’t have chance to seek much treatment for anything yet but hopefully when you have given birth things will settle down and you can work out what needs addressing/medicating asap. I am sure things are all over the place right now and increased anxiety is totally understandable, I would be just the same. Just breathe deeply and I found that if I just let the panic feelings wash over me and freely allowed it to happen they started to reduce. Fearing the panic is the worst thing you can do. Just think in your head when it gets bad ‘OK, do your worst’ and just lie there and accept the panic feelings to flow knowing it won’t hurt you. It feels horrid but then it passes over you and hopefully they will start to diminish.
Thinking of you X

Hi Jem
How you feeling today been thinking of you? I dont know I think its because I went dizzy in the car a few weeks ago which never happens usually and it shook my confidence so much so now Im scared of driving. I hate that because I usually love driving but stopping at lights or anything like that and Im have an attack.
I did read that people with migraine are hypersensitive so more likely to have panic attacks and anxiety etc but I feel I could do more if I wasnt panicking all the time and anxious. It really gets me down as I had been doing so well before this relapse started a few weeks ago and I think its because its dragged on whereas usually it only last two weeks at most so the longer it goes on the more worried etc you start to become.
Im considering just doing an SSRI like prozac when Ive had the baby to help sort it out Ive been on them before but not sure if they will help the dizziness. Its difficult xx

Yes it is so hard to know what to do and take for the best. Are you under the care of a neuro or do you just see your GP? Maybe ask them for advice as soon as you have had the baby and you will also know better how you are feeling then. I think the panic will resolve when the dizziness eases off. I know what you mean though when it goes on and on it really shakes your confidence and all that stuff you feel like you built up for however long just crashes down again. With me, I am still very dizzy. I have probably done a little bit more in the last week than the week before but only a tiny bit. Just taking it day by day, very nervous each morning about how I will feel. It is so hard returning to feeling this dizzy. I might up the nori again tonight. It may be helping but it is very hard to know because improvement with or without meds seems to be so slow. I am trying to just keep getting through each day but it is hard not to worry a lot X

Its hard I think because improvement takes weeks and weeks and you dont notice everyday its a gradual thing and then a month has gone by an your a little better than than the month before. I dont know if you use dizzytimes but a girl just posted up on there that the nori has got her better at 30mg so maybe it will for you at this dose.
I know the amitriptyline when i had the last huge relapse took three weeks to work at 10mg and then I upped the dose. I try to remember my brain recovered before and it will again but its such a horrible illness. Im not as intensley dizzy as I was last week but its lingering like it could go back to that if you know what I mean.
Keep trying to move about walk up and down the garden and move your head a little from side to side I find that helps me get better quicker sometimes but I know its hard when all you want to do is lie down.

My biggest fear has always been getting worse and worse hate thinking like that but its hard sometimes. Are you on facebook im on a few support groups on there if you want to be friends on it xx

Yes I am just the same, fearing that this will never end. It’s just horrible being plunged back into the nightmare when you want to believe that the worst is over. I try to do a little walk each day just to get my brain used to stuff. It is hard but I make myself do it and I need some fresh air after spending so long in the house. Even when you feel slightly better you do worry that it could go worse any second. I am on facebook but I don’t really use it much but I will look to add you as a friend. The main forums I was on are Sharp blue labyrinthitis and X

I hate when the dizzys come b/c it is so sporatic, they just Show up with no warning. I think this is a big reason the anxiety comes. you think u are doing good & then BAM…no ryhme, no reason, to litteraly knock us off our feet. :oops:

im on amitriptyline, so that is helping somewhat with anxiety…

blondie…i hope things look up for you, I cant imagine coping with small children.

I think Paxil, even at a low dose, would be your best bet for panick attacks. You can always try taking a low dose benzo before driving to take down your anxiety.