Panic mode!

Hi friends! Going to duke tomorrow with my husband to see dr adkins…for some reason…anxiety and panic are huge today! Even taken a benzo … no help! She is a secind opinion…but i am a mess! Words of kindness and support eould be much appreciated!,Dee

Good luck! I’ve heard good things about her. I think they are also doing a CSF study there as well. Are you going to participate in that?

The folks at Duke are amazing. I am sure they will help you! Good luck!

Good Luck! I’m sure things will go well and your anxiety will subside:)

HI Dee,
The same thing happened to me when I went to see Dr. Hain in Chicago. I was a mess. I’m not sure why, but my anxiety really ramped and my insides were trembling…
You will be fine…take another benzo…!! If that doesn’t work, try a shot of vodka! :slight_smile:
Hang in there…keep us posted on what they say.

Thanks guys!! Feeling better! I will post after my visit! :slight_smile:

Take a benzo holiday and just give yourself enough that you don’t worry about anything. Do that for a week and then see how you feel. This is what my doctor told me to do last year when the MAV really hit and I was not trying any other options.

Thanks long short! I am doing just that and it seems to be helping…hate this stuff!! MAV that is!! Take care …

Can’t wiat to hear about your doc visit!!!
Hang in there!!