Am I the only one here who gets lots of pins and needles sensations? I hardly read people complaining of that, but I dont like it one bit

No your not the only one I experiences a pins and needles sensation and sometimes a numbness sensation, I hate these sensations to but they happen less than the vertigo so I guess that’s why I don’t complain about it that much

I have had tons of very odd paresthesias over the years (mainly in the face, legs, and hands) and really wish I knew how many of them might be connected to migraine. I am sure I have something else going on, too.

I wonder whether anyone else gets odd “connections” between distant parts of the body–for example, pushing just right on the top of my left big toe causes a sharp electric shock in my left elbow and hand. I wonder if an oversensitive “migraine brain” could cause something like this??

Doug (or anyone else), do your paresthesias ever come in “pulses” every few seconds, lasting for maybe 30 or 40 minutes, then returning several times a day in the same pattern? Just curious.


Mine don’t come in pulses I just get weird sensations now and again like my tounge will feel numb or my left Arm or leg or hand. It’s weird I also worry and wonder how mav can cause u to feel this way

yes mine come and go in varying patterns, mostly pins and needles
the fear is that this is not MAV but MS…
and of course fear itself can cause these sensations is suspect
still it seems like we are in a minority here

does anyone know: are these paresthesias an aura?

Most likely prodome or aura.

nice to read how Buchholzs describes the paresthesias of migraine