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Patterns of increased symptoms

I’m trying to establish if any other sufferers experience the same as me.

A decent baseline and mindful of the condition but it doesn’t rule their lives owing to the right meds and lifestyle.

An occasional, maybe two or three times a year where the baseline symptoms increase materially. Usually no obvious trigger. A combination that has built up.

This is then followed by a few weeks, usually 1 but up to 3, where the symptoms slowly calm and return to baseline.

My pattern has been the same for years but I’ve had a 2 week spell every month for the last few months. All I do is wait and try and keep on top of the anxiety.

Dr S justified this by observing I’ve been under tremendous stress for the last couple of years and the cycle has occurred and takes longer to shift each time as my jug has not emptied fully. Basically week 3 and 4 are key to emptying my jug.

So, questions:

  1. Reached a baseline but occasionally blips with no obvious trigger?
  2. Blips take 1-3 weeks to resolve themselves?
  3. If they happen is quick succession then they become longer to resolve?



  1. I wish. Maybe just maybe I’m approaching a regular baseline with blips.
  2. Blips up to 3 weeks to resolve. Yes about that. Sometimes longer
  3. Definitely. The more wound up the system becomes the more violent and prolonged the reaction.

Btw have you read

I’ll read that now.

What baseline have you reached?

Many thanks.

I’m not aware there’s a scale for comparison so it would be hard to say.

I like your description of the system getting ‘wound up’. I think I’m at this stage now. 2 weeks and very little give. I guess it comes down to a waiting a game followed by some very careful weeks to allow further calm. Dr S is not worried but I get very worried even though the pattern has never changed in 20 years.

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