Has anyone taken Paxil for MAV? I have been on it for a while. Anyone else?


I have taken Paxil in the past to treat anxiety disorder. Now I take another sort of SSRI med. These meds have never helped with vertigo symptoms for me but maybe they will help others with it. One dr said I’d probably notice fewer migraines on an SSRI med but that did not occur. Maybe the doseage wasn’t strong enough, I don’t know.

I found this article while surfing today and remembered this post regarding Paxil. Coincidentally, on my last neuro visit a week ago I asked the neuro to write me a script for an SSRI to help with depression. I took this drug in the past before the vertigo ever showed up and it really helped with my depression. Perhaps I’ll be “killing two birds with one stone” and it will help with the depression PLUS help with the vertigo.

I haven’t started the drug yet because the doctor didn’t want me to take anything that might interfere with the tests I still have coming up.

and I’ve never taken it because 1. I’m afraid to take medications, or more specifically I’m afraid of side effects that would make me more dizzy than I already am and 2. all the horror stories I read online. True, you can’t believe everything you read but there are a lot of stories out there about the dreadful side effects of taking or withdrawling.

So, here’s my thing. I can’t go to a dr. right now for the migraines because I don’t have insurance. However, my family physician and therapist recommended the Paxil a month or so ago for my anxiety/panic/agoraphobia. Should I try it in hopes that it may help with my migraine vertigo? It’s only 10mg so would withdrawal be so bad if I decide to stop it and how in the hell do you wean yourself off of 10mg??? If I do take it, how long do you think it might take to see results?

I’m soooo close to taking it that I actually have the bottle sitting here in front of me? Talk me into it…please! :slight_smile: