Peanut butter

Does anyone here get decimated by peanut butter? I’m in a rough state and have been having a daily PB dose for about a week or more. I’ve also been drinking coffee steadily but this “attack” seems well beyond anything that coffee did to me over the past year. I gave coffee a miss yesterday and last night symptoms ramped up even more about 90 min after a slice of bread with peanut butter when I got home from work. Reading through the interwebs suggests that it is not only a migraine trigger but kicks off intolerance reactions too. My entire body aches like hell, stiff joints, neck on fire, flu-like feeling, sleep messed up … the usual but on steroids.

The other reason I probably had a minor meltdown by days end was due to a MASSIVE fine from the cops. Get this: $2,100. I nearly had a stroke.


Found this thread:

Hey Chrstine. What happens to you if you eat PB? You’re like my twin so I figure if you end up like the Walking Dead than it’s pretty much a slam dunk for me too. :shock:

I LOVE Peanut Butter…but it most certainly doesn’t like me. Major trigger and prior to my knowing that I always got terrible heartburn from it too…but would eat it anyway.

I miss my PB :frowning:

Sorry you reacted so poorly.

For those who miss PB, it may be worth giving Sunbutter a try. Nuts are a trigger for me, but I can handle seeds. Sunbutter is all sunflower seeds, has the consistency of peanut butter, and can easily be substituted in. It is a bit pricey (IIRC around $6-7 instead of the $3-4 PB is) but to me it’s worth it when I am craving PB&J or something else like that.

Hi Scott,

I have not been able to touch Peanut Butter or peanuts for years. I simply get a major migraine, thumping headache and all that goes with it. I have jars of the “Eskal” freenut crunchy (made from sunflower seeds) as an alternative. Its been available in Australia since 2012 I believe.

Christine :slight_smile:

Peanut butter is wayyy worse then chocolate or tea for me, i would say its the same trigger as a truck load of Chinese food. Within an hour or so i come down with very severe migraine, i cant eat peanuts, first trigger food to go for me.

I’m ok with peanutbutter, I love peanut butter. We only buy the asda peanut butter and sometimes skippy! Maybe some brands of peanut butter are worse than others.

I seem to be okay with it, too. I don’t eat the stuff that has anything but peanut in it, so I don’t know how I’d do with Skippy etc. Don’t care to try, he says, nose in the air.

Lol, skippy is the best!! You can also get cashew nut butter for those with a more refined taste, which is absolutely delicious. I havent had it for quite a while though. Anybody tried it?

I really hope PB is not a trigger for me. I just got my books in today so I am happily reading so to figure some things out. The Migraine Brain Heal and You Headache. Sweet!

Anyway, I am not sure I could give up peanutbutter I might be singing some Luther Ingram “If loving you is wrong I don’t want to be right”. Just kidding, but I have already given up so much. No caffeene, alcohol, soda, chocolate, malls, movie theatres, smoking, msg, cheese. One and on. Yikes!