Peer Symptom Check: Anyone get the minute swaying sensation when sat working?

Had this on and off for a while, but seems more frequent recently. I can sit for hours at a computer now, but sometimes I get distracted by this minute swaying/rocking feeling. You are sitting but don’t feel exactly still. Hard to explain. Anyway, if you get it you may recognise it.

Anyone get this?

Just about every day

Thanks, so I’m not odd then! :slight_smile: Its a bit distracting sometimes!

No problem. I’d go with obnoxious and frustrating instead of a bit distracting. :wink:

Jess it will get a lot better if you find the right med but no pressure on that one, appreciate that’s been a frustrating search for you.


I get it as soon as I am slouched

I get this sometimes at work sitting down or laying down on the bed. It was almost completely gone on the 1st week on diamox but came back on the 2nd week. Maybe i need to up my dosage.