Perceived motion sensitivity

Hi all,

So I am still feeling pretty good most of the time but thanks to JennyD’s med thread I decided to use my allergy medication with pseudoephedrine for a few days in a row to see how it feels. It usually has a calming effect on me and I am wondering if I can take it every day. I have mixed results so far. He does calm my brain down and help me focus, especially at work where the lights and computer screen still bother me a bit. However since it is an amphetamine, it messes with my sleep and I crash when it wears off. I am going to stick with it for two more days and then go off.

Anyway my question is does anyone have perceived motion sensitivity? For example, if you are watching a movie where someone is falling, do you get anxious? I was laying in a fake park on top of a building for lunch today looking at the clouds and buildings and I freaked out a bit. I actually felt scared and anxious by watching the movement of the clouds and patterns of the buildings. It was really weird. I am fine on the subway and elevators but I have noticed if I am looking over a bridge or even watching something on TV, it startles me more than it should.

Just wanted to check if it’s a MAV thing or pseudoephedrine things.

Thanks all, may your weekend be still and plentyful


Yes, I get anxiety when there are perceived movements…I go to the movies a lot and they start with some preliminary stuff including the feeling of a roller coaster going over film reel…can’ watch it…when I park my car and it shifts just a little while I"m looking out the window…makes me uncomfortable…all my stuff seems visual in origin vs. food triggers, or smells etc…

Wow thanks Kelley, darn maybe I do have migraines. The closest diagnosis I have had was possible migraine.I figured I either have MAV or bad anxiety, but can function well enough to stay off meds. But I now I feel if I get anxious from clouds and movies, then it’s migraine. I just might try my verapamil after all.

Hi Deekon,
This is something I use to suffer with as a child, but I havent felt that in the past 20 years strangely.
walking on a suspention bridge I cant do…

but I dont like hights , I can go on boats with no sea sickness too, until I get off and I rock.
if I look up at a highrise it makes me wozzy in the head, the same as looking down from a great hight, same thing, it’s fear based for me.
Having said that …rollercoasters dont bother me… strange indeedy.


I have the same problem all the time, especially watching CNN or any television show where the camera is moving in and out, or where the background is shifting, or the camera is rotating. I never used to notice that stuff before this condition. Now I watch TV and yell to my wife, “Why the hell is Wolf Blitzer standing in front of a waving American flag design, against a backdrop of swirling designs, on a page with rolling footers? Why can’t they just put him in front of the camera and keep it steady on him?” So yeah, I get that a lot. It is because the ears have a problem so you rely on your eyes for balance, but when the visual stimulae are shifting, then the eyes cannot perform this function. I notice that it goes away if I go back to a simple visual field, like staring at a wall and listening to some music.

I can’t imagine watching the Blair witch project now!


Hi Deekon and longshort , that is something I can’t handle , the new way they film yes: like the blair witch project… that does make me feel off and my eyes feel like they folow the screen movements,

very distracting, I need to turn away when the credits come on as I cant watch them scrolling down the screen, Tv is a trigger for me, and yet I can see 3 D movies and it dosent bother me too much.


Interesting discussion -

I hate all that CNN moving background stuff too! And all the info crawls going on on every news show now… and the new set for Meet the Press - long running American political TV talk show - has so much visually distracting crap in the background (not moving, but still a whole lot of junk instead of the simple set they had when Tim Russert was there). I never described my reaction it as anxiety, but yes I think that’s in there, in addition to the discomfort of disorientation and/or overstimulation that my migraine brain can no longer handle (I don’t remember these things bothering me this much before my migraine associated dizziness started).

I am surprised you find pseudoephedrine calming - it jazzes me up. I can’t take that stuff before bedtime - it’ll keep me awake!

I get this all the time!

What a relief it is to find a symptom that so many others suffer from and realise you’re not alone!

Maryalice, these political shows are basically talking heads with the mvies in the background to jazz things up a bit. Why let them jazz you up by looking at them? The audio is what counts.

Good idea, David! I should look less when the talking heads have graphics playing behind them and just listen. :!:

I feel positively crotchety now, longshort, because I don’t want to see all those “newfangled” moving things in the background, which are mainly off on both sides of the screen. I think it’s the high definition extra space on the edges that they fill with computer generated graphics, just because they can - they don’t want people without high def TV to miss anything important, so nothing of major importance will be broadcast there: so we get all that distracting, gyrating junk.

Jen, FYI - The neurotologist who diagnosed me gave me a pamphlet that said it’s common for people with migraine associated dizziness to have a history of motion sickness in childhood. I got “car sick” as a child, but not so much now - if I’m a passenger in a car and try to read, then I do tend to have a problem.