Periactin and Cymbalta interaction

  1. Dr Ron Granot in Sydney has put me on Periactin three 4mg pills a night. I noticed an improvement in my dizziness within 2 weeks. Now being on the Periactin for 4 weeks, there has been no further improvement but I am quite satisfied with the results so far. I have also been on Cymbalta before starting the Periactin. Cymbalta helped reduce the head pressure/heaviness symptoms and controlled my anxiety but not the dizziness. So for now I would like to continue taking both Periactin and Cymbalta. I asked Dr Ron Granot if both the meds can be taken together because Periactin has anti serotonin properties where as Cymbalta produces more serotonin. According to Dr Granot, the Periactin will only reduce the effects of Cymbalta, but both the meds can be taken together without any harm. The literature on Periactin clearly states that anti anxiety medicines should not be combined with Periactin. What are your thoughts?

  2. I also don’t understand how Vitamin B6 acts in the production of histamine and many users in the forum are taking a B complex which includes Vitamin B6 and its apparently helping them. The literature I have read states that Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) should be taken with a B complex to get the full effects of Vitamin B2. Since Vitamin B6 acts in the production of histamine, should I avoid a B complex since I am already on Periactin which is an anti histamine?

  3. Periactin and Pizotifen both have anti serotonin properties. Anti depressents have serotonin production properties. How can they both work as migraine preventatives when they both do the opposite?

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Serotonin has different receptors throughout the body. Even thought serotonin agonist increases sero, it might increase it in an area that controls excitatory response. If you google serotonin receptor sites you will see what I’m talking about. It’s hard to explain. The more @selective" a drug is, the less chance if side effects… And better for helping depression. How that plays into migraine is less understood. The periactin and others in the class if antagonists shut down sero at the sites that control the more excitatory response… Hence calming…

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Try this:

It is confusing, but there is a lot of info on this.