Periactin Update!

Hi all, I am starting week 4 today on periactin. I’ve been at the full dose of 16mg for one week now. Unfortunately I don’t have anything good to post. My balance is absolute shit and I’ve been an angry little bastard lately. I can handle the peri though, it’s my balance that is getting worse and worse. I don’t know if it’s suppose to get worse before it gets better. Maybe someone here can touch on that a little. Should I stay on this stuff or dump it? I don’t get too many side effects from it, only the extra tiredness, which isn’t really that bad. My sleep is good.

The ground really feels like it’s moving all the time. I really have to concentrate hard to walk from point A to point B. It really pisses me off. Before I was on anything, when I’d have a nasty wave of balance, about a week later I’d just go back to baseline. I’m curious to see if a week from now when my balance chills out a little, will the periactin bring me closer to normal instead of just baseline? That’s what I’m waiting to see. Or is it the periactin going to prevent me from even getting back to baseline? OOOOOOhhhhh what a shittttty illness this is!!! Sorry for such a negative post.


hey greg im in nearly week 3 but still on 4mg i need to bump up. So far no difference here either with balance. I think its acutally making me slightly more headachie???But other than than that no real side effects. I think jen was taking it with something else so maybe its not enough??I might have to try inderal again to see if it makes me dizzier like last time then onto ssri. Just found out though i have some small blood vessel issue in my mri so this might effect what i can try, going back to see a neuro to find out what the hell as it wasnt on the last mri, im getting to the point of cant cope with this crap again, wish it would just give me :frowning: e
a break!!

Hi guys

Damn. Well last night I went up to 8mg, slept like a rock but I dont feel zombied in the mornings anymore. I’m taking my titration slow as I’m also on 50mg Nori which I need to move up again soon. So I’ll do a week at 8mg Peri before increasing the Nori.

I cant say I’ve noticed any changes, I’m still the same, good one min, bad the next, esp bad on work days and evening time when I’m exhausted.

But figured whilst I’m tolerating it, I’ll stick with it until I get up to 16mg.

Greg - any issues with appetite? Stick it out a good while longer to see what happens. My first month of Nori was HELL until things ever so slowly turned a corner - and I mean SLOWLY!! Hang in there guys!

Hi Greg,

Personally I found it took longer than 4 weeks for my meds to work. More like 8-12 weeks to get a good effect. I don’t know if other people have had the same or a similar experience. But in the end it all worked out well for me (on propranolol and pizotifen…I think the latter is similar to periactin? Or maybe I have it confused with something else).

Stick with it for a little longer maybe?


No appetite issues as of yet. Just extra tiredness and worsened balance. I’m gonna keep on it cause I can tolerate it. It just seems so strange that every other issue a person can have with there body, it seems like you can take something for it and bam within a few hours you feel better. For example, if you have a cold and can’t stop a running nose, you just take something for it and it clears up and you’re better again. But this MAV stuff and all the loading the med into your system, and it takes so long to be effective can just be so discouraging. Because you see yourself taking pills everyday but yet you feel the same. You start wondering if it’s ever going to be beneficial. I guess I just wait and see.


yes this med is pretty much the same thing as pizotifen.


Correction, I started on my 3rd week on August 8th, not my 4th week.


muppo, im definately eating more and putting on the kgs. ive put on 20% of my body weight since the vertigo came on and about 2/3 kg since on peri. im uping the dose tomorrow as only on 4, im going to be a full porker with no clothes that fit, grouse, if i have got depession yet i soon will. how do you keep the kgs off?ive never had this prob before :?

All I do is try to maintain a high protein low carb diet. It’s hard but that’s the only way I seem to manage it.

I have a protein shake for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch that’s loaded up with Quinoa and other great stuff and then in the evening I have meat and veg etc. I have 1 cup of tea and 1 cup of coffee a day and 2.5 litres of water.

Otherwise I could easily eat my own body weight in food!!! Sniff. :cry:

becd, watch your calorie intake and try about 30 min. of exercise a day and you should be fine. Exercise is also a great seratonin booster too.

Muppo, I thought protein shakes were on the no no list for migraine triggers? If I’m incorrect, then I’m gonna start on the shakes again myself.


Are they? First I’ve heard if they are… Personally I havent been able to pinpoint any real food triggers so I just see how I go. I dont feel any better/worse for taking them.

I find watching carb intake works a million times better that watching calories. If your body is getting low carbs, it will have to find other ernergy sources to burn to it will look to the fat stores to get energy.

I am careful with the 6 C’s no nos. Except dairy overall. I avoid cheese, but milk, butter, yoghurt etc I eat (oh and I eat goats cheese).


same here. I don’t feel any worse or better no matter what foods I eat. I just started taking a multivitamin that apparently is miles better than any other multivitamin out there. It’s extremely expensive, but the reviews all over the internet are outstanding. People love this stuff. It’s got everything you need from vitamins to herbs and a bunch of other stuff too. It’s called Intramax. It’s going to cost me $90.00 a month. This is only my second day on it, but if you’re missing certain vitamins in your diet, this covers them all. It comes in a liquid form. So right now I’m not exactly watching my diet, although I do stay away from caffeine.

I talked a doctor from the manufacturer and asked him if he’s heard of anyone with migraine benefit from this product and he told me that he’ll get a few calls here and there from a migrainer telling him that this product has drastactly improved there migraine symptoms. He said you’ll definately have more energy with this stuff and you will feel a lot better healthwise being on this within a few months. He wouldn’t gaurantee it would rid my MAV but I know he kind of has to say that to cover his own ass. But he believes it’ll only benefit me in migraine.


Hi Greg,

Be very wary of people selling products like this that are overly expensive, where flashy words are used, and the packaging looks attractive. I checked out the website and there’s a lot of the typical buzz words you would expect to see such as “detox”, “groundbreaking”, overuse of the word “antioxidant”, and they’ve even managed to stick in “organic”! Often they’ll jack the price way up to make you think there’s something truly different in their product that warrants the extra cash. I would bet the farm that if you examine the ingredients listed in the products that you could source them in the same doses form iHerb (for example) at a fraction of the cost.

I’d take the doctor’s words with a grain of salt as well if he represents the company. There’s no shortage of them around either making some bucks on the side pushing vitamins.

Just my two cents.

Cheers … Scott 8)

IVE BEEN TAKING chlorophyll, acai,vitiams,vit c, bioflavoids etc nothings really helped so im with scott but still interested to hear if you have any results, i think you get a bit desperate with this condition and are willing to try anything natural especially if theres no side effects, that why im trially periactin without consulting my dr

Scott, becd,

Thanks for the advise! A good friend of mine who is really into health foods and vitamins had turned me on to this. He’s been trying out different multivitamins for years and he said that he believes that this product is the real deal as far as a great multivitamin goes. My friend is really into his health more than I’ve ever seen anyone in my life. He does things like getting his blood tested to see how healthy he is. He never drinks alcohol, he eats nothing but organic foods, he’d never eat fast food and has also won bodybuilding competitions. He’s pretty well educated in that field. He’s basically a healthnut.

He’s the only reason I’ve spent this kind of money on a multivitamin… Believe me, it took me months to actually purchase this after his suggestion cause I didn’t want to waste my money. But I know I can trust him and from seeing what he has accomplished with his health over the years, I do trust his judgement, otherwise there is no way I’d ever buy a multivitamin that’s so expensive.

I’m not really expecting this product alone to get rid of my mav. I’m hoping it can be a good compliment to the periactin, that’s all. I don’t believe multivitamins and other minerals or herbal stuff is enough to conquer MAV. I really think you need the pharmicuticals and trigger awareness to do the majority of that. But a good multivitamin I believe can help boost your overall wellness thus in turn making a major improvement on migraine. And with the right med, a good multivitamin and avoidable trigger awareness, you really can’t do anything more. I’d have to say if you nail those 3 right on the head, I really believe the MAV will be gone or hardly noticable.

When it comes to migraine, mvertigo is the place I go for advise because you and other’s here are so educated on it, and this place is what got me taking the periactin. I trust mvertigo for my MAV, which I believe is a very trusted place for that matter. And when it comes to healthy living and foods, I trust my friend I was just talking about. I kind of mix and match both of my sources to hopefully rid the dizzy’s one day and live a normal life.

You are definatley correct on being very wary about certain products that are out there. It takes a while for things to convince me, that’s why it’s taken me so long to actually try a preventative med and it took me months to buy this multi. I really try and do the best research I can before putting anything in my body. I appreciate you looking out for me. That does mean a lot and I’d like to thank-you for that. I will keep you updated to see how much this Intramax actually makes me feel overall. But anything good that happens to me now, the periactin will have to be mentioned along with the multi as I’m taking them both and won’t know for sure which one is doing the majority of the fixing. It could be one more than the other, or the combination of them. Although I’d definatley lean towards the periactin because I really believe you need a med for MAV. I just don’t think multi’s and other natural stuff is powerful enough.


Hi Greg,

Do you mind if I play devil’s advocate for a minute? I realise you’ve made the decision and that’s cool so don’t get pissed off with me :slight_smile: … but if it was me I’d be looking at the ingredients list and asking myself how does this one differ from another (cheaper and reputable) source? Vitamins and minerals are the same no matter how you slice them. One product may be more bio-available but that can be purchased by brand. For example magnesium can be delivered in different ways.

I know you trust in your friend but I would ask this: is it not possible that he would achieve the same results on another brand so long as he matched the recipe? The thing is, his testimony is valid for him because he believes in it but it’s just one person’s anecdote and his story.

Anyway, that’s the logic I try to use and my interest here is in trying to save you cash! :slight_smile: I screwed up big time by following another person’s success on a vitamin/ mineral/hormone regimen that cost me — are you ready for it? $2,500. Yup, I got soaked thinking I could knock this beast out with a “migraine program”. For me and another member it was hell on Earth trying to follow it yet it was fine for another guy for a while and then fizzled out.

Cheers … Scott 8)

Hi Greg,

A vitamin supplement is only going to be useful if you’re deficient in something. Are you? I’m not against supplements, I take some myself (fish oil, I don’t really like fish so I take the pill instead).

As for the cost, Scott’s right - the ingredient is the ingredient - why pay more for the same thing? It’s like aspirin or paracetemol - the generic is exactly the same as the brand name but a fraction of the cost. The rest is all advertising, pretty packaging and healthy profit margins.


Hey Vic,

As an aside, we’re trying to dump the word “generic” these days, especially in Australia. These days it’s “brand”. Just like there’s no generic car or generic beer … the term generic really puts people off thinking they’re getting something that is lower in quality (Aboriginal people definitely think this) yet it’s the same stuff. Having said that I was really sensitised to a different packing agent in a different brand of Citalopram. But then I’m a meds freak so probably doesn’t apply to most people.



That is a good point that you’re bringing to the table. The amount of ingredients inside Intramax is a whole lot. I looked through the ingredient list on there, and it seems to be the full package from vitamins to minerals and some herbal stuff. That it being in a liquid form I’m under the impression that that is the best way of getting into your system.

I may down the line switch and dump the intramax and try to get a lot of things individually to cover what the intramax has from iherb, but to equal what the intramax is bringing to the table, I may be spending close to $90.00 anyway. Then again maybe it could be quite a bit cheaper.

What I do like about the intramax, is that it has everything all in one, and you just take it twice a day and there’s no other hassles. But, if I don’t really notice much of a difference in how I feel physically and mentally, it’s out the door. I’ll know within a month anyway and have only wasted $90.00. Then I’ll probably start shopping iherb. It took me a while to finally try this product. I have put a lot of thought into it. But we’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted on the intramax so you’ll know whether it was a bust or not with me. You’ll know within a month and a half or so. Basically until I use up the whole bottle.

Like I said, I’m expecting this stuff to really make me feel really good overall, and if it doesn’t do that, it’s bye bye. I won’t be wasting money on something that’s just going to be so so. I’ll just go back to regular pill vitamins and minerals for that effect. As far as the dizziness goes, I’m going to be judging the effectiveness of the periactin for that. I am hoping the two can work very well together.


Sounds like a good plan Greg. I still have to get my act together and order the magnesium Christine suggested. Tomorrow I’m hitting iHerb. Fish oils too.

Let us know how the Intramax goes … it sounds like Immitrex!

Hi Greg

Good luck and hope it works. I take a plethora of vitamins prescribed for Migraine (pretty much the same stuff everyone on here is on, give or take). All I know is now that I’m doing around 70% most days (helleva long way from the 5% I was when this thing hit!), that I believe it’s the mix of the pharma med (Nori and Peri) and the different vits all playing their part.

I would be reluctant now to stop any of my vits/minerals etc in case they are the things that are holding me upright! :lol:

Hopefully a month will be long enough for you to know if it works on not. It’s an expensive exercise - trust me I know! But one I’m happy to continue funding if it keeps me on my feet.

Have a great weekend my friend, may you be well (you too Scottie!).