Periaction is a vascoconstrictor right?what other meds R?

so i just got advise i have some blood vessel issues on an mri i recently had redone which inturn means i cant have any vascoconstrictors, which i have had many of in the past, so now im a bit stuck.( The neuro isnt a specialist in vertigo/headaches, so ill have to go back to waterston/payne for advise at some stage) But in the meantime i had been taking periaction which i think is a vascoconstrictor but im not 100% unsure so can someone clarify this? Any idea what other meds also fall into this class?

Periactin is classified as am antihistamine. I didn’t read anything about vasoconstriction, but I would ask your pharmacist to be sure. I know it affects serotonin, and can cause depression in some.

thanks kelley, just though someone might know. sandramigraine is a vascocontrictor so i thought peri might b too. i think some end up with half a degree in meds after dealing with mav stuff for years…funny ive been taking vascocontrictors for yrs without knowing of this issue ive had probably since birth…whoops…i probably didnt want to know about it… just fix the vertigo!! (wasnt picked up on first mri) :?