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Period related MAV Ladies - A Ray of Hope

While searching for something else I just happened to notice that the PILs on the Exeter Headache Clinic website are just being updated and as far as I’m aware includes this as a new topic

‘Cautiously optimistic’ girls. Seems you can all be ‘cautiously optimistic. Helen

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Oh bloody hell!! You know, I actually asked my neuro once if I were to have a hysterectomy would that help my migraines? Her response was there is quite a lot of evidence based research that its likely it could get worse! I was willing to seriously consider it as a possible option had she said yes it is likely that you wouldn’t suffer migraines anymore or as significant as they are now. :flushed:

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I think most of the hormone related type MAV ladies will accept it becomes a long term condition they have to live with. Hopefully much of it can be controlled by preventatives until such time as hormone levels and brain become more compatible. I think there’s probably more than a ‘cautiously optimistic’ is in order. We need to travel in hope. Helen