Photophobia Treatment

I have Sever Photofobia for 5 years and i found a metod for deleang with this my protecting my eyes from the light with some sunglases made be me. I made i clip-on from 2 or 3 clip-ons attached together like brown , brown with yellow, amber with yellow. You only need a heated cutter , a heated needle and some eye glases screws withch you can find be searcing the internet . This clip-ons will solve the photofobia problem and your eyes will heal in time

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Hi and welcome. That’s certainly most enterprising of you far beyond my abilities at DIY for sure. I cheated and bought some. I too had very Severe Photophobia with MAV for a long time and found tinted lens very useful. I always use sunglasses outdoors and various different tints indoors. It is not recommended to wear sunglasses indoors because the eyes will soon light adapt which in practical terms means the less light they receive the more intolerant to light they will become. I found an amber tint, often advertised as ‘anti glare’ for driving, best indoors but most people seem to prefer an FL41, Rise pink tint, such as produced by Theraspecs in the US. If you use the site’s Search facility you will find references to “Photophobia” that you might find interesting.
Thanks for sharing your idea.

For the eyes to adapt to light the same as normal vision it is necesary to wear once every 2 hours glases without a colour tint for 10-15 minutes and you will not have problems adapting to light ; a part of the color will disapeare when i put on my sunglases for some reason it always happens.

Do you have problems seeing white color objects or walls painted white ?
Do you see wors in the morning cimpared to the rest of the day ?

Is it required that sunlight glasses should be UV-protected or is it okay to use light tinted glasses to help reduce sunlight’s impact as an alternative?

I very much doubt that the previous posters on this thread are professionally qualified to answer your question. Best speak to your optician although, by my understanding, UV protection outdoors is vital and all glasses should be so treated.

most sunglases have UV protection but the idea if you have severe sensitivity is to have colors that help you deal this big light sensitivity

I went to a doctor a few years ago because i had severe photophobia for 5 years and i was diagnosed with early stage cararacts (the internal lens didnt get white) because when i wore sunglases when i was a child my eyes keep getting better and i didnt have problems with photophobia until the age of 25-30 because the internel lens become rigid with age.

When wearing sunglases you will see that because the colors tend to change to white because of photophobia , your pupils remain small even in low light at home ( like 20w) , so your eye muscles will not get any atrophy when you wear sunglases all day , you can see like everyone else. Use a mirror to see for your self

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