Photosensitive and Sound Sensitive

Hi guys. Hope everyone is coping as well as they can. Just wanted to know from some of our long time sufferers about photosensitivity and sound sensitivity in how long it is lasting with those it has affected? I’ve been suffering with both daily now for the 5 months I’ve had the headaches and the dizziness. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t experiencing something else.

I have had both for years. Sometimes I turn down the TV so low nobody else can hear it and it is still too loud! I have to wear reactalight lenses in my specs every day even in winter because the light outside is too bright without them. Hope this helps.

Ditto here. I’m ‘only’ a year in. Definitely sound sensitive and find myself wincing frequently to the door warning ‘boings’ on local mass transit.

I cannot watch video or use a computer without medication.

I find Amitriptyline at low dose (20mg pn) VERY good for visual sensitivity. It’s like it breaks the link between your inner ear and eyes so your eyes are left alone to do what you want them to do.

After I have “overdone” on activities, I find that I am very sound, light and scent sensitive. I have lowered my threshold by doing too much (on my feet for four hours, exercise, an evening out with too much talking and head movement,etc.) and then everything bothers me. I then have to be really careful. I have written some solutions that work for me, but the most important thing is to lessen head motion, talking, computer time and exercise. I am worse in the summer when it is hot so I know that heat is always a factor. If you are interested, Vertigo Tales and Tastes: S G Blog Post: EYES AS TRIGGERS. I never have alcohol, coffee, MSG foods and really limit dairy and citrus. I do sneak a little dark chocolate everyday. I tend to need a low dose of Nortriptyline (usually in July-August) for 10 weeks every 10-14 months. That’s my routine