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Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone have done any piercing while had VM or other ear problems. I was thinking to do ome but I am a bit cautious if it triggers any symptoms.

Hi Kon,

I don’t have any piercings but I have gotten some tattoos done and getting another one this week. Booked 3 sessions for a chest piece starting this week. The last one I had was about 8 months ago and although there was some discomfort, I went through it like it’s nothing. I did however gotten little bit dizzy and imbalance when I gotten up to stretch when the tattoo was over but I was laying there for good 7 hours and you want to limit laying down much as possible.


Hi @Kon and @Young_Lee. Welcome back!


Hey @flutters @Young_Lee i searched a lot but couldnt find anything in regards to this matter, i really wanna do some but i’m a bit afraid of the outcomes that may occur.

Unless you’re doing a Daith, what are you worried about? Daith is supposed to be a migraine trigger point which can either be greatly enhanced or utterly destroyed with a piercing. Otherwise, you’re just experiencing some temporary pain, right? Isn’t that already part of our daily experience?


Just do it Kon. I was afraid too and now i am getting more lol.


Thanks you for your answers! I may do it this month, i will let you know if something go bad.

Better yet, let us know how great it went. :grin:

I am assuming you are thinking about getting your ears pierced? If so, the holes are punched thru the cartilage area so it would not impact your ear functions.

Yes @Young_Lee but I was thinking my nose too.

Other than the temporary pain, how could that affect your vestibular system?

There are many nerves as far as i know in the nose and some parts of the ear plus my bad luck could trigger something :joy:

You’re overthinking it.


Did it hurt or help dizziness?