Pinched nerve/chiropractor/circle of medical BS AGAIN

So, back to venting about the medical system in the US (because that is the system I am in and therefore the one I can speak to). Two weeks ago–right around my birthday, I was carrying heavy 50lb feed bags and the like from here to there on the farm–most often the mode of carry was over one shoulder or the other, and NO, I didn’t bend at the knees like one should. A day or so later I noticed that when I dropped my chin to my chest I got a nice “nerve” twinge down my left side all the way to my toes. It isn’t “painful” but it is a really good “hello” twinge causing a tingly feeling that goes away as soon as I lift my chin. Anyway, once I do this a couple of times, the third time down must have stretched out the muscle or whatever is pinching the nerve, because the twinge is gone and I have full range of motion etc until next time I’ve been sitting or laying without flexion–then you have to “re-stretch” to loosen up.

So, when I go to my appointment with the Physician assistant to my migraine doctor (this guy regulates my meds and reports to the main migraine guy who I see every 6 mos) he tells me not to worry about it and to go to a chiropractor–which btw may help with the migraine thing on the side bar. Well–I’m not a chiropractic fan–I am VERY skeptical about the whole practice as it is “practiced” in the US–I think the original idea may have had and may HAVE merit–but there are a LOT of screw ups out there in the US with only a year of foolish “training” who consider themselves pseudo-medical doctors–no thanks. And I don’t want people playing around with my spine, which is awful close to my spinal chord and the nerves which regulate consciousness (I have enough trouble with fainting issues, no need to push it thanks).

Lets go to an orthopeadic spinal doc…sure. Well, he won’t see me without a spinal x-ray and/or MRI–which he won’t order, that has to be ordered by my primary care physician. So I call PCP–who says I’m “not current” because I haven’t been in the office for a year (DUH–because I’ve been seeing all the friggin specialists SHE has sent me to re this migraine crap) so I can’t get an appointment until July–well–BULL PIES I said. They got me into an appointment in May (early). Now I have to go to HER in order to get an x-ray or MRI of the spine so that they can tell me I don’t have MS, which I already know because of all the other friggin tests they’ve run over the year, and then she’ll make me come in to see HER so she can say she doesn’t see anything and I should go see the orthopeadist with whom I TRIED TO SCHEDULE THE APPOINTMENT IN THE FIRST FRIGGIN PLACE–all so that someone could show me some God forsaken exercises that could loosen up my back faster than it is doing on its own.

REALLY–and if either one of them tells me to go to a chiropractor to be adjusted after all of this I think I may scream right there in their faces!!! :evil:

But if you were rich rich rich . . .

What a nightmare Dolf – can you just go and see a physiotherapist (PT) and have it examined and fixed up? Yeah, stay away from a chiro. Nonsense hocus pocus all the way there. Pass.


Nancy, having gone to a neurologist, an ophthalmic neurologist, a cardiologist, a Lyme specialist and an endocrinologist for all the weirdness that eventually turned out to be a benign case of Adie’s pupil and migraine (blood tests galore, retinal scans, two brain and brain stem mri’s and two neurological exams) there was no indication of MS. I’ve not had a spinal MRI but otherwise I’ve had every test out there. The fact that all the tingling and numbness started after carrying heavy feed bags and shoveling and raking manure on the farm leads me to think there is some sort of nerve root pinching from muscle swelling or spinal stenosis. No doubt, I’m very uneasy and forcing myself to remain calm, my brain keeps running to worse things too…but more than anything I’m PISSED with the doctors and their refusal to work together. They keep shooting pills and band aids at symptoms and I’m starting to wonder if there is a doctor out there who will look at the HUMAN BODY SYSTEM as a whole? Also pissed that I have to wait two weeks to go to the doctor who will make me wait two weeks to get the MRI/X-ray then another week for results and referral to a doctor who will actually have a treatment plan…a few weeks later…so three more months of discomfort waiting for them to get their paperwork in order. Grrrrr