Pins and needles after stopping gabapentin!

Hi everyone , hope you are all doing well . I took GABA for 10 days and had to give up as just made me worse all round was only taking 100 mg per day . I stopped last Sunday . Last night and this morning though I have had the worst pins and needles in my hands and feet , it woke me from sleep . Has anyone else had this after stopping GABA and if yes did the pins and needles eventually go ? Thank you I just feel GABA has messed my entire system up ! I never had the pins and needles whilst I was taking it which I find odd x

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were related. I tried Effoxor for a couple months, and when I went off it 16 months ago, I immediately started having issues with numbness and tingling in my toes (more on the left side than the right, which is how my ear pressure and ringing is). My neurologist thinks it’s just a coincidence. I’m not so sure… It hasn’t gone away, though, unfortunately. One of the reasons I started trying gabapentin was to see if it’d help with the tingling in addition to the migraine. At only 100 mg/day, though it hasn’t helped. Since it is supposed to help with that problem, though, I would suspect in your case that it is related. Since you weren’t on it long, I’d think it would go away, though. (But then, I thought mine would, too… :? )