Pitotifen not working so is it mav or menieres?

Has anyone on here got mav and Meniere’s disease? My Neuro wasn’t certain of the diagnosis of mav but I fiited it very well as I’ve had it since I was a child, suffer for lack of food, poor sleep, weather conditions and over doing things. I’ve never had spinning vertigo only floating, sinking and bouncing or general movement. I’ve never had hearing loss and my hearing test was fine, although twice a yearish I get hearing distortion that lasts half a day or so. It echoes when I talk and sounds so loud like using a megaphone. It gives me sound loss in that ear too and a ringing. My hubby and I have MS and he gets it too. I have it today hence wondering about the menieres and the vertigo isn’t so great at the same time, the noises which are louder are making it worse! I’ve been on Pizotifen for 3 months next Monday and I don’t seem to have had much benefit if any and I am worse atm for helping hubby who has had an ankle op. I have also done almost 4 months on the diet eliminating most things except yogurt and haven’t seen any benefit other than eating more frequently.

Would be interested to hear what you have to say as to whether the meds haven’t worked and I need to try another x

Sounds like mav to me!

Agree - quite likely to be MAV with those symptoms. 3 months is a good trial for the Pizotifen so give another med a try. Have you printed off a copy of the migraine preventatives - discuss one of those with your neuro. Hope you can find one that helps. I think there is another forum member who has both MAV & Menieres but haven’t seen any posts from them for a while.

Hi - what dosage of the Pizotifen are you at?