Pizotifen Dose

I just ordered Pizotifen, Im planning to start on .5mg. What is the target dose for this med?

I don’t know that answer, but are you still on Paxil or have you started to wean off yet?


When it was prescribed to me my neuro started me on 0.5 (1 tablet), and then said to go up to 1 (2 tablets) after 2 weeks if there was no improvement.

I take 1.5 mg a day. Basically 3 tablets, one in morning, lunch and evening. It took me a month to get to that level as it wiped me out.

I started with 0.5 mg initially, and went up to 1 mg (at night) after 4 weeks, and I found this worked for me (although it took another few weeks before I got the full effects).

P.S. My daughter also takes 1 mg at night, for hemiplegic migraine prevention and it works really well for her. However, I have seen 1 - 3 mg quoted as an appropriate dosage, so we’re both taking on the low side of that range.

Im now up to 1mg. I was on .5mg for 1 week, and Ive been on 1mg for 1 week. How long till it starts working?

I have been on 1mg for 10 days now. I actually felt pretty good today, Im not sure if its too soon for the meds to be helping. But Im really holding out hope for this med, it seems to be one of the best. How long does it usually take to work? Ive only been on it for a total of 3 weeks now because I started out at .5mg.

Hi Darren,
just sent you a PM reply.
First time around, it was after 3 weeks at 1mg that I suddenly realised the dizziness had practically disappeared!
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Hi Darren,

It took longer for me, about six weeks once I was on the 1mg dose.

It seems that Dr Granot says that it takes 6 weeks for the med to really kick in. Thats interesting that its your time frame too. Thanks for the info!!