Pizotifen - Serotonin

Hi all,

I would appreciate your input from those that have tried pizotifen and had any success/failure with it and what it helped/made worse.

I’ve been taking piz 1.5mcg daily for around 7 weeks and for the entire period I have had a poor migraine threshold ( it takes very little to trigger migraines) and I’ve been very depressed. Add to that an increasd intolerance to visual stimuli and its been a very difficult period. I’ve also been feeling cold, constantly since starting the medication although its not something listed in the side effects. My wife keeps coming home from work and immediately notices how hot the room is but when she feels my hands they are ice cold… This never changes no matter how warm it is.

The interesting thing here is that in the leaflet for the piz it states that the medicine is used to block serotonin, triptyline and histamine in the blood. I already take Nort at 75mg daily which helps increase serotonin levels and along with the propranolol has given me some success… My moods were considerably better on the Nort and thus so were the symptoms.

I believe that low serotonin may be my problem. To back this up I found the following link which explains the role of serotonin. What jumps out is that body temperature and mood are heavily controlled by the chemical, which would explain the constant cold feeling and depression. It was more than likely low to begin with. The Nort helped that to some extent
but the piz has sent me back in the other direction.

progressivehealth.com/low-se … mptoms.htm

Another interesting thing is the period when all this began or at least the migraine element. I saw a lady for food intolerance testing back in March 2012. As part of my test results she told me to cut out nuts, chocolate, bananas, potatoes and dairy products. As per the above article nuts, bananas and dairy play a key role in the production of Serotonin in the body. My Migraine activity started in April 2012 just a few weeks after I removed these serotonin producing products.

There is a strong line of clinical depression on my mums side of the family. My mum is helped by taking celexa/citalipram and I’m starting to think that an SSRI may be the way forward for me.

Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on piz, serotonin and the mood/depression factor ? Can anyone relate to the above ?



Hello Dean,

Can’t your doctor test your Serotonin levels?

Dean I can’t comment on the depression side but I had exactly the same visual issues on Piz, and actually started getting more auras.

Needless to say I stopped it

Hi both,

Thanks for your replies.

There doesn’t seem to be a test for serotonin levels unfortunately, although a quick search seems to suggest some big steps have been made in terms of being able to test for deficancies for depression. This should take the guess work out of prescribing meds for depression and would have thought migraine…

I’m due to see my doctor today for a interim appt so will see if he has a view on it.