Pizotifen update & Snowboarding!

So I’m back on the ‘fat’ stuff. My appetite is massive once again, but I’m going to have to counter it by LOTS of exercise to beat the weight. I can already see my face ballooning!

However, the past few days I have had periods where I have felt a little better, which brought a smile to my face. I’m also not waking up feeling really hungover and feel slightly more clear-headed. I still feel ‘‘weird/drunk when walking’’ and even had a brief 4 sec headspin in the airport, so I’m by now way out of the woods.

Believe it or not I’m actually in the French Alps and am going snowboarding tomorrow. Not really sure how the dizziness is going to handle it, or whether it will makes things worse. At the moment, its bearable, so like Scott I’m not going to miss out on the fun if I don’t have to. I’m staying with a friend out here and helping him with some web-based work. There is no ‘pressure to perform’ so I can take it easy if needs be.

All in all things are not that bad at the moment, I’ve only been on Pizotifen for a few weeks, but I should know how much difference it is making in a few weeks.

I’ve also been asked out on a date by a great girl…1st proper date for me in a long time! I only hope my bladder isn’t painful and I’m not feeling dizzy as hell. Really nervous about it and having to act ‘normal’. But thats all part an parcel of the MAV game…!


Hi Luke,

Good luck with the snow boarding.
I am actually in the Swiss Alps and took a ride up the mountain yesterday on the chair lift.
This time last year (when I didn’t know what MAV was, or that I had it) I had a massive weird attack a few hours after coming down from the mountains, so I was nervous yesterday but delighted that I went up and I came down and nothing happened to me. So happy. Now I just have to get through the 8 hour car trip home which is my next test!

I hope you have a fabulous day and that the altitude does nothing to you at all.
And good luck with the date too!


Hey Luke,

Good on you for getting back out there. I think I know what you experienced now on the previous trip with the good and bad days. It’s good to know you can just chill out for a day without having to “perform” for anyone if things go pear-shaped. Although I’m feeling trashed again today from the trip home, I have a good feeling of well being below the junk for doing the Thai trip. Symptomatic but calm nonetheless.

And great re the upcoming date. I know how nerves can ratchet this up, especially with a date. Can you pop any valium if you have to to keep the dizzy junk aside until you feel more calm and confident?

Did you pile on the pounds last time you were on Piz? Keep us posted on all of this drug trial. How long did it take to kick in?


Hi Penny

Thanks for the encouragement. I actually had a good time Snowboarding today. My symptoms are about 80%, and better when snowboarding. I always feel better in motion. I feel quite tired and a bit dizzy now with a headache, but the fall out could have been worse.

I’m hoping Pizotifen is making a difference…I’ve had some better days lately.

Scott - just pinged you an email!