Pizotifen & weight gain

I have been on sandomigran for about 4 wks. At first on .5mgs and last week i increased to 1mg. Ive gained weight, a few kgs.
Im a bit gutted because i literally just lost all my baby weight which was alot of hard work. I go to the gym 5 times a week, eat very healthy and havnt noticed much of an increase in appetite.
I am very shocked ive gained weight and im usually pretty thin and have striggled to gain weigh in the past (except for pregnancy).
Has anyone managed to lose weight while still on sandomigran? Are there any drug options that dont have weight gain as a side effect ?

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You have to be very proactive if you don’t want to gain weight on Sandomigran.

Here is what I did: I weighed myself every morning. If I had not gained any weight, I ate as normal. If I had gained any weight, I restricted what I ate that day. I was telling myself “I am not that hungry, it is just the Sandomigran speaking”. If I still had the extra weight the following day, I again restricted what I ate. When I was back to my normal weight, I ate as normal.

With this approach I managed not to gain any weight, apart from one kilo in the beginning - which was ok because I am very slim.

The majority of migraine medications have weight gain as a side effect i’m afraid. I gained 5 stone in the two years i took Flunarizine. But i see it as the least problematic of possible side effects and is a small price to pay if the drug improves your quality of life. The only treatment for migraine that i know of that doesn’t include weight gain is botox. Topiramate is another, it’s given to people to help them lose weight actually but it has a whole load of other, nastier, side effects.

Hi there, it’s the pits isn’t it. I am tall and slim. And on the whole, have never had a problem with gaining weight … only when I’ve been eating very poorly. And that’s not a lot.

I started pizotifen Nov 2020. My baseline weight is 67kg - I got up to 75kg at one point and like @Katharina said, restricted my diet, even though I was eating normally. This was at 1.5mg for over a year. I managed to get down to 71kg on good days but it went up slightly on others.

Once I stopped in May, my weight has returned to 67kg or below very easily.

It’s not over eating - it’s the drug unfortunately. But really, putting on 7kg was totally worth feeling better. I was sooo bad and I would have done literally anything to feel stable.

The weight will go when you stop… just go with it but be sensible with food choices.

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Hi all! Since increasing my dosage in December I’ve definitely noticed some weight gain. I have been watching what I eat and walking more and still manage to keep putting on 1lb a week. Do we think this is the pizotifen? Or is it just me lol? I need to try and lose some weight but I think this medication is making it difficult.