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Hi there

I’m currently on pizotifen and have been for nearly 9 weeks now and wants to know how long it has taken people to see a difference. I haven’t much as yet and have now introduced back amitriptyline as I had some success with this last year for the dizzies. I thought pizo was helping for my headaches but this last week if bad horrible headache, neck pains, head doesn’t feel right at all and my vision is just pants. I’m still dizzy but more on quick movement now. I’m also back on ami for a different reason too as I have just got a flare up of another condition separate to all this so double whammy for me at the moment also I’ve been getting very painful knees ok not sure if its just because we have to keep our self up more and which then puts pressure on other parts or our bodies I just seem to be on high alert with every new pain I get. Which is probably understandable when we have this going on. I’m off to opticians again next week for a different kind of test to see I my visual stuff is more related to my eyes then the illness. Also trying acupuncture next week on the NHS to see if it can relieve and pressure I have in my head and neck. X

What dose of pizotifen are you on? My neuro said you should really give a medication 6 weeks once on the therapeutic dose. He has recommended that I go up to 2.5mg pizotifen. So you may still have some room to try and increase your dose if your still on the ‘maximum’ dose of 1.5mg.

Hi I’m only on 1mg of pizotifen and just started 10mg of ami (ami for second time round) x

So you’re still on small doses of each med and have heaps of room to increase. I felt a change in my dizziness 2 weeks after each sandomigran dose increase. I’m now on 2mg of sando and 10mg of dothep and planning to increase the dothep 10mg every 10 days. Is your plan to increase ami similar to that? How did the eye specialist and acupuncture go?

I trialled a new acupuncturist last week. He did kinesiology too. According to his findings, I have damp heat in my gall bladder and the gall bladder owns the back of the head. So his efforts were concentrated on the gall bladder, I didn’t get any relief in my headaches.