Please help- drs in Philadelphia?

Hello- I went to a neuro who diagnosed me with MAV. He spent about 7 minutes with me and didn’t listen to me and said, “Topamax works well with this and if you don’t take it, my feelings won’t be hurt but you will just have to suffer with this.” He may very well be correct in his diagnosis but there is no way I am jumping in to a serious prescription without a lot of discussion and thought.

I live right outside of Philadelphia so there must be some good drs but how do I know???

feeling so despondent.

Hope this helps.
Top MAV doctors in United States - Physicians, Specialists, Clinics & Visits 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ - vestibular disorders support forum (

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Someone should do a UK one

thanks but there are none listed in Philadelphia

this is the only one I have seen for the UK. Too bad. Recommended Neurologist for UK - Physicians, Specialists, Clinics & Visits 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ - vestibular disorders support forum

I noticed this physician online. He is in your state but he studied at UCLA which has a specialist mentioned on the list of US doctors who have been helpful. His sub-specialty is oto-neurology. Perhaps you could find some reviews on his service. Just an idea. I had to go on Nortriptyline when I began the diet. It was a twelve week course. I go 10-14 months off meds and then need a short course again - usually because heat is a big trigger for me and July through September are hot here. Joseph M. Furman, MD, PhD | UPMC Physician Resources Good luck and I hope you find some help. Vertigo is so debilitating. (

Thanks Spinninggirl

I also live in the Philly suburbs. I have “dizziness Migraines” as diagnosed year ago by the balance team at UofP - which has disbanded. I hear that there is a dizziness team in Bryn Mawr Hospital. Try there and if you have no success, email me - and I’ll ask around. Have you tried “P.T”/VOR for that? for awhile I used someone who specialized in helping folks with concussion/dizziness issues. She was very competent and I would be happy to pass her along. FYI - I found a number of unsympathetic docs in my search for well.