Please help me educate my neurologist

My neurologist today told me I don’t belong at the headache clinic (at the Neurosciences Institute!) because they don’t understand vestibular stuff. I’ve come a long way with these folks. Rather than get patient dumped and lost in the system, I want to take this opportunity to train my young neurologist in the treatment of MAV.

Help me point her in the right direction. She’s willing to learn, but she’s as overwhelmed as the rest of us.


Stolen from VM survival guide…you can download the below doc from the Survival guide. James has been awesome and fixed the broken links.

It’s from Medicine Today, an information source for Australian physicians. The article covers all of the major bases, and is written in language that doctors like. In other words, if you suspect you have VM but have a doctor who you think is not on the same page, then print this off and take it with you to your appointment.

vertigo_and_migraine2011.pdf 3 (697.3 KB)

Thanks Vigs and James @turnitaround.

This is the Neurosciences Institute at the U of Washington? OMG. I looked them up. They have a lot of neurologists on staff. If they “don’t know,” then who would? I can sort of understand having trouble finding someone where I live, as it’s a smaller community. But you’re talking about a large university in a much larger metropolitan area. Wow.

I’ve saved a lot of articles and studies and here are a few you might consider:

Migraine - More than a Headache, Teixido & Carey
hopkins_migraine_patient_handout.pdf (130.3 KB)

Migraine Associated Vertigo, Journal of Clinical Neurology, Baloh & Cha
baloh_migraine_assoc_vertigo_jcn-3-121.pdf (143.5 KB)

A study of the correlation between Migraine and Vestibular Vertigo, Egyptian Journal of Ear, Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences, Kolkiela, Elsanadiky, & Nour
correlation_migraine_vestibular_vertigo.pdf (783.8 KB)

Vestibular migraine: the most frequent entity of episodic vertigo, Journal of Neurology, Dieterich & Obermann
Dieterich-Vestibularmigrainethemost.pdf (900.4 KB)

Epidemiology of vertigo, migraine and vestibular migraine, Journal of Neurology, Lempert & Neuhauser
epidemiology_of_vertigo_migraine_vestibular_migraine_journal of neurology.pdf (190.6 KB)

Epigone migraine vertigo (EMG): a late migraine equivalent, ACTA Otorhinolaryngolica Italica, Pagnini, Vannucchi, Giannoni & Pecci
epigone_migraine_vertigo.pdf (267.7 KB)

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Thank you!!

And yes, I was floored when they suggested I might want to move on. MAV, apparently, is well outside of their wheelhouse. They suggested I might want to see a naturopath. I’m embarrassed to type it.

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I know!! OMG.

Referring back again to the title of this thread and whilst convinced it’s a wonderful idea, from my own albeit rather limited knowledge of consultants I’ve a very strong feeling that generally, here in the UK at least, it would go down like the proverbial lead balloon. Most are arrogant, aloof and expect people to accept what they say quite literally, without question, a point brought back to the front of my mind very recently when a sister-in-law reported back on her recent experience with a cancer specialist who’s opening gambit was ‘Sit there, and remember I ask the questions’. Helen

I hope your sister-in-law made a complaint through PALS. That’s disgusting.

I’m sorry your sister had such a bad experience. I can say I was able to stay with my neurologist and we learned how to treat me together.

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