PLEASE HELP New symptoms

Hoping someone can help me out. I have been diagnosed with MAV for 5 years. This past month I have been getting a super sharp pain in my forehead and then a vibrating whirring sound in my bad ear. I can’t tell if the pain happens first and then the whirring or if it is simultaneous. It lasts for a split second and then is gone. It takes my breath away though when it happens because it happens out of the blue and really hurts. I was having about one or two a day and starting yesterday they are happening all day. I had about 20 “attacks”yesterday. They are more frequent but the sharp pain in my forehead has moved to behind my ear. I know it sounds crazy. Has anybody had this happen?? Can’t call the Dr until tomorrow and who knows when I will get in. Thank you, Jennifer

Not to sound alarmist, but we’re more prone to strokes. Maybe it’s just MAV being awful, but new and severe symptoms should be evaluated quickly. Do you have an ask a nurse? If not, this could be an ER, get an MRI or CAT scan kind of deal. I’ll pray for you. It sounds very scary.

It could be an ice pick variant headache. Get it checked out mostly should be innocuous.

Good point. It’s new and severe that worries me into action.

I agree 100% get it checked out ASAP.

MAV symptoms are very anxiety-inducing but be optimistic. Whilst I’m sure not all of it is neurological your brain definitely amplifies it all and you can get really freaked out. I’ve always got better though ultimately, no matter how bad it has got and every relapse has eventually resolved.

yes or could be some kind of cluster headache. i had all kinds of weird pains in my head when this started - including a kid of creeping headache up the back of my head, and lines of pain on top of my head, and sore hair (yes!).

so - i would guess it’s just another part of the condition but definitely get it checked out anyway. especially if you have any functional issues that go with it.

This could be allodynia also a migraine symptom…I have this as well as my scalp feels electrified and tender

yes, i read about it. very strange. i had it for a few weeks but it’s stopped now.

@JCon Jennifer, you never came back. Are you ok?

Thank you everyone for your support and advice. I was able to see my ENT yesterday and he believes my symptoms are just “new fun stuff” as a result of migraine activity. He said my brain is just triggering a new set of nerves where I am feeling the pain. He gave me a prescription for Prednisone but I am not sure whether or not I’ll be taking it yet. I saw my chiropractor on Monday. After being adjusted the “attacks” reduced from about 20 to 30 a day to only about 6 yesterday and I haven’t had one yet today. I see a NUCCA chiropractor. I know most people on this site have poo pooed the idea of this but it has been life changing for myself and my symptoms. Most people only go for a few months and quit. It took a good year for me to reap the benefits.

I have noticed now, 5 years into this thing, that this time of year triggers my symptoms. I live in the Central Valley of California where allergies are horrible. i am going to try and research foods that are anti-inflammatory as well as natural remedies before taking the Prednisone as this just seems to be a temporary band-aid with god awful side effects. Unless it gets bad again.

Some of you told me about those awful headaches you get in regards to your neck and scalp. While trying to figure out was wrong with me I found this: OCCIPITAL NEURALGIA. Please look it up. It could be what you are experiencing! Thanks again everyone. I don’t know what I’d do without this site. XO, Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,
Try a neurologist next time and they can advise better than ENT on the migraine piece. Prednisone did wonders for me but like you said it is a band-aid not for long term. Eventually my migraine came back slow and steady. But i had an 100% normal month on Prednisone.

Occipital Neuralgia is just a fancy word for soreness at base of skull/neck. You can do neck exercises and stretches to manage this.

thanks for reporting back.


Hi Jennifer,
What you’ve described sounds aweful.
I’ve suffered with migraines since my teens and experienced all sorts of symptoms as a result.
Since being diagnosed with MAV over 3 years ago i’ve noticed the tinnitus which i’ve learnt is part of that but when I think about it, i’ve always had that. I’ve also experienced, at some point or another, the sharp pains. I’ve just always assumed it’s another symptom of migraine. As it’s not something you’ve experienced before and with your history of MAV, i would certainly get this checked even if just for peace of mind. If you’re able to, when you phone up your GP, get them to ask to speak to your Dr to see how this should be treated.
I hope you get on ok.


i found prednislone helped when i was on it but i got worse once i stopped. :frowning: