Please pop in at least once every few years to update us

Guys, I was reflecting how people seem to disappear from the site and never return to update us. This makes it quite hard to judge how long MAV is affecting them and what their long-term coping strategies become.

I’m going to endeavour to pop back periodically even if I mostly get better and stop needing the site. I hope you will too.

That sounds good… and I’m not going to lie, but you seem to be a lot of people’s sanity when you respond. I was thinking about that earlier today how it’d feel a bit more bleak without you still as active on here.

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Don’t stop posting James. Wishing you a success story soon.

This condition is hell on earth. After 16 months my wife still does not get how chronic this can be. So old timers if any of you still pop in and out, anything you can share will be adding positivity to the struggling lot.

Wow geese that’s so nice of you to say!!

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You too matey. Keep pushing forward. I’ll get your wife to call mine!!! :smiley:

James is the MAV angel ! :grin:
After 15 years I’m no better , getting worse and its all hormones (I think)
The biggest thing with this God damm awful condition is support and James helps with that.
I’m very lucky with my partner , but I understand how other partners can’t understand it.
My mum thought I was going nuts …Lol
Sarah x