POLL: Anxiety from chronic dizziness, seen a specialist?


I’ve noticed there are a lot of people worrying about their condition and it’s completely natural to feel anxious and worried about it, even depressed. It’s unbelievably trying at times. I’ve been through some extremely dark days … but I did get help when things were at their worst.

On that note, I wonder how many of you have received professional support from a qualified psychotherapist who is experienced with vestibular patients and/or chronic illnesses in general?

If your “dizzy doc” offers to send you to a psychotherapist, which they may do if they feel you are suffering a high level of anxiety and could be helped, do not dismiss the opportunity.

When I look at the Support Wiki, I’ve noticed how few people seem to visit those pages, but it’s incredibly important. Some doctor’s even cite it as a possible reason why some people don’t get better!

Health Anxiety can make your symptoms much worse and worsen your quality of life further. There’s a great book on Health Anxiety in the recommended products section. That is mandatory reading imho.

Now the poll:

Have you seen a specialist psychotherapist to help you deal with the mental and emotional impact of your audiovestibular condition?:

  • No and don’t plan because of the cost involved
  • No and don’t plan to because I don’t think it will help
  • No and don’t plan to for other reasons
  • No, but I plan to see one
  • No, hadn’t really thought about it, but I will discuss it with my doctor
  • Yes and it was very helpful
  • Yes, but didn’t find it helpful

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I am seeing a CBT psychotherapist, and it has been a very important space for me, where I can go cry, complain, and put out all my bad feelings out. It has also given me strategies to deal with anxiety. My neurologist also teams up with my psychiatrist for the medication prescription.

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