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POLL: Do you check your radial pulse when you get symptoms?

Do you check your radial pulse when you get your symptoms?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • What is a Radial Pulse?

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Gracy the User Pollls category is meant for fully fleshed out polls with pre-defined explicit choices. You could do that under the options button when drafting a Topic. It’s the cog icon on the far right. :). This allows you to capture statistics.

Sorry James, I am still having problems to figure it out. Do you mind posting my polls please ? May be I am doing something wrong.

You need to think up all the possible responses you want to offer the respondent. Have a look at mine for a few examples. Then hit the Build Poll button in the Topic’s option menu (the cog). Each possible response goes on a separate line.

The simplest would be:


Not too tricky. Have a go :slight_smile:

OK, done it for you :wink: Let me know if you’d like any changes, but you can edit.

You should also consider including a reference (preferably an internet link) to an explanation on what it means and why you should consider taking it.

Thanks James :+1:
Here is the article. Thanks again.

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Wah, doesn’t the computer works better than a phone? First time I logged on to a computer for this. I was always using my phone. Thanks

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