POLL: Is limiting salt in your diet important to reduce symptoms?

  • Yes, I think salt restriction (< 3g of Sodium a day) is very important to improve symptoms and I follow a strictly low salt diet.
  • Yes, I think salt restriction (< 3g of Sodium a day) is very important to improve symptoms but I struggle to maintain this.
  • I think salt restriction is somewhat important to improve symptoms, I try to limit it when convenient.
  • I believe you can have as much salt as you like as it won’t affect symptoms, but I try to keep it low for general health benefits.
  • I believe you can have as much salt as you like as it won’t affect symptoms and I don’t bother restricting it.

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that’s a very useful schedule.

Personally I find if I’m cooking its very easy to avoid salt and food can be very tasty with judicious use of herbs and spices. Meat rarely requires any salt.

btw, i’ve found this app helpful to identify salty food (in the UK):

Sorry, where is it?

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Avoid preprepared and canned/bottled food as we use so much salt to preserve food.

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Having been told way back then (40-something years ago) that salt affected Meniere’s, I cut out all added salt from my diet - as in no salt in cooking or added on the plate etc, etc, and watched eating hidden salt. I found food tastes better… but found no direct influence on my problem. More recently I have been less vigilant and found no difference in my condition. However, I still read labels, although we eat very little processed stuff, anyway. After years of abstinence, I find stuff that others love too salty.

Salt restriction is good for general health too so I wouldn’t worry.

This is certainly my opinion, and also the reason I had no qualms about cutting salt out when cooking. Figured it would do my (then) young kids no harm, and my husband adds salt to his plate whether or not it was cooked with it! Now, when I do use, I choose pure sea or Himilayan salt and add my own herbs/lemon peel. I think the biggest problem is that EVERYTHING processed in any way contains loads of Sodium and Sugar which go by several different names in every product. I guess they call it progress…!!!

‘TV dinners’ are out for me. I find aeroplane food now cranks up my tinnitus. Probably salt content.

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Not at all

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I think it is important. I don’t follow a strict diet. However, I avoid potato chips, french fries and other salty food. Even a few handfuls of salty nuts may bring the symptoms on.

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Having been initially diagnosed with Meniere’s I stick to a very low sodium diet and I take a diuretic daily. I believe this along with eating gluten free (I was diagnosed with celiac a few years ago) has helped. I don’t add salt to any of my cooking nor do I add it to my food before eating. When baking muffins or bread I omit added salt entirely and cut the baking powder and soda in half. I probably won’t win too many cooking contests but it’s what I feel I need to do to keep the beast at bay. I’m always checking the labels and if there is too much sodium it stays on the shelf. I’ve found a great spaghetti sauce with only 25 mgs of sodium, yes, only twenty five - Casa Visco Organic Marinara Sauce. Unfortunately I do have a weakness for Good Health’s potato chips in avacodo oil.

Trader Joe’s also has a no-salt-added Marinara sauce. 35mg of sodium per serving.