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Poor Charles Darwin

My mum was watching a documentary on Charles Darwin and his life and realised he was probably a chronic migrainer. Read this if your interested

He suffered from diziness/vertigo and tinitus all his life alongside headaches and many other symptoms of migraine. He was never diagnosed and saw hundreds of doctors.

At least we know what we have, must have been awful for him to live and never understand what he had.

Interesting. Never knew that. He had MAV!

Thanks for the link. Fascinating read.


Thanks for sharing that; very interesting. Poor Darwin, indeed.
I had once heard about Darwin’s struggle with migraine, but wow - I never knew he had MAV as part of his migraine condition.

Kind of sad he suffered all his life looking for answers and never found any, all the things he tried seems like he is just the same as all of us. Nearly had himself diagnosed with chagas disease! Which is highly unlikely. I think it used to stop him from doing some of his wiritng because it made him feel so unwell. Wish I could go back in time and tell him all about MAV!

Seems ‘we’ can claim Charles Darwin as well as Lewis Carroll. Though with Darwin after all that time at sea on The Beagle maybe it was MdDs, Mal de debarquement syndrome.

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