Positive experiences with metoprolol?

Since propanolol was giving me shortness of breath, I was told to try a different beta blocker Metoprolol. Does anyone here tried it and found it beneficial? If so how long did it take for it to work for you?

Thank you

Effectiveness of beta-blockers linked to blood pressure?

A few from the past to be going on with. Both Dr Beh and Dr Silver have been to prescribe Metoprolol so I’d say that’s a bit of a recommendation in itself almost. Propranolol is first choice because it’s been used so much and trialled more than any other betablockers but that’s not to say others can’t be just as effective.

Specialists usually say to expect 3-4 months from hitting target dose for maximum results. The goes for most preventatives regardless of drugs class.

I first tried nadolol but it gave me bradycardia so I had to stop. Metoprolol is giving me depression but I will stick with it for now. My GP told me that nadolol metoprolol and propanolol are the only beta blockers NICE recommends for migraines although propanolol is the most prescribed, of course.

Pleased you posted that because it’s rare anything other than Propranolol is quoted. NICE recommendations don’t include that but I wouldn’t doubt your GP for one moment. GPS place great store by NICE Guidelines so he’s sure to know. Good luck with it. Depression is unfortunately a known common side effect of all beta blockers and occurs even more regularly with any one already prone to it. They are however very effective for migraines and pain in particular. They can start working almost immediately for some symptoms but from my experience full effect isn’t seen for months.