Possible MAV

Hi everyone, I stumbled across this forum while searching for information and reassurance after my doctor has said she thinks I have Migraine Associated Vertigo, I’m struggling at the moment and having a lot of anxiety over it due to constantly ‘not feeling right’.

Basically for about the last year I’ve had an almost constant feeling of being spaced out, dizzy at times and just feeling out of it. I have had migraine with aura for quite a few years but this is totally new to me, there seems to be very few days where I ‘feel normal’ and even days when I don’t have any headache. I’ve had the last 2 weeks with constant headache and quite severe dizziness to the point of panic having to go out anywhere incase I do fall over or people think I’m drunk (I can’t tell if I do walk wobbly, no one has said if I do, but it feels like it to me) I’ve had a lot of nausea with it too, and can’t stand bright light it seems to make it worse. I’m now taking Betahistine 3 times a day but not entirely sure if they’re working (currently on day 5) but by the evening time I feel really good, not dizzy or spaced out… and that’s where it’s gets frustrating as I get up the next morning feeling awful again. I’m also taking amitriptyline for the prevention of the migraines but only on day 2 of that.

Does this sound familiar to any of you?


So sorry to hear you feel so bad at the moment - from the sound of your symptoms it seems very likely your doc is right and you do have MAV. The amitriptyline should begin to help in a while. In the meantime - read all the info you can on the forum so you can get an understanding of Vestibular Migraine and medications that can help with this condition, etc. There are quite a few if the Ami doesn’t help enough.

It would also be good to get a referral to a neurologist who specialises in diagnosing and treating (MAV) Vestibular Migraine. Let us know what country you live in and there could well be a member who can point you to someone they can recommend. In the meantime perhaps ask your doc for Valium, which helps with the balance issues, until you find a med to control things.

The dizziness, panic, nausea, spaciness, etc all sound very familiar - but you will get get better with the right meds!

Hi, thank you. I’m in the UK, my doctor wants to see me again in 4 weeks to see how I’m getting on, she didn’t want to go straight for a referral to ENT as they wouldn’t check if it was Migraine related so wanted to try medication first. I will have a good read through on here, I have to say it’s very reassuring to know I’m not going mad or have some terrible disease.

Tracey :slight_smile:

Hi Tracey
Great to hear you have a good doc. As you are in UK there are two terrific neuros who specialise in Vestibular Migraine - Dr Silver in the north (Warrington I think) and Dr Surenthiran in Kent.

I’m in Oz, but many people in UK can’t speak highly enough of these two docs so worth getting to see one of them if you can.

There’s a lot to read on this site but this could be a good place to start: Go to the Information Vault, open the
Vestibular Migraine Archive and then ‘Papers you should Read’.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks Barb, I will keep them in mind and sort something out. I’ve also been told to get in touch with the Migraine Trust too which apparently have more info on this than general doctors so will check them out too :slight_smile: