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Possible meds to abort with a teen?

My 14 old son has had MAV (doc called them “silent” migraines) since he was a toddler. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often - 2 to maybe 4/5 times a year but when it does he is out for 6-12 hours at a time. He doesn’t often get the pain - just vertigo and usually light sensitivity. We have tried every OTC med out there but nothing seems to help much. Now that he is older I am wanting to get something that he can use to abort them when it does happen. I read that some Triptans can help but I’m not sure if they are appropriate if there isn’t pain?? What is out there that would help specifically for the vertigo? I’m not trying to play doc but want to be informed when he does get in to see one.
Thanks much for your time.