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Possible vestibular neuritis

Dear all,
I have been suffering for weeks now. Was given amoxicilin, did not work. Betahistine, nothing. Went to utc, got migrane drugs due to Sharp headache . According to my GP need to write a diary for her to reffer me to the head clinic. I can’t function, can’t work, not even go to a shop due to the pressure in my head followed by dizziness. Did someone diagnosed with vestibular neuritis had a pressure in the head? I would be very much thankful for your reply and help. I have a feeling nobody understands me what I am going through. Thank you


Who diagnosed you with this? It’s a bit of an old fashioned diagnosis. The aetiology of these conditions is really hard to determine.

Usually a peripheral upset is called: “peripheral vestibulopathy” because there is very little they can be certain of at a microscopic level.

That said, a drug to relieve symptoms like Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline is similar to how MAV would be treated.

65% of the brain is involved in vision and balance so any upset of the vestibular system is surely likely to give you migraine headaches?

Head pressure is a very common symptom with MAV, for example.

Hi and welcome.

I can understand you are very anxious for help. Unfortunately from the very limited details given it would not be possible to reach much of a conclusion and indeed certainly not ethical being as this forum has no resident doctor bring purely a support group.

Best advice I can give is to ask your own doctor to refer you on to an ENT conduit at as soon as possible. As the treatment for VN has not worked further investigation and a firmer diagnosis is needed in order for you to progress to obtaining a treatment plan. Meanwhile if you want to check out, using the Search facility, you will be able to find any previous references to people with VN who might have experienced head pressure. Just insert a keyword in the search box and do best in mind VN is also known as labyrinthitis so you might like to check that out too. Unfortunately I can’t see it will help you very much. What you need is to see a specialist.

Please do come back and let us know how you get on. What ever vestibular condition it turns out to be you are most welcome to join us. Btw by my understanding VN is an infection so should in itself be time limited. After effects however can mimic MAV and go on periodically for years that’s of a friend of mine is a typical example for sure.