Post cold dizziness

Hi, I’ve been doing very well on pregalablin for a year…so i was a bit surprised when I had a semi vertiginous brief episode last evening…which has caused a relapse…I don;t know why… the only thing i can think of is I had a virus/cold in my throat 2 weeks ago that knocked me out…it was the first cold I have had in 10 years …I wonder if it was that ? quite a nasty ep though and has sacred me that the meds have stopped working…any ideas?

Fiona, that sounds very plausible. When I’m under the weather for any reason, including the weather, I’m a whole lot more likely to be symptomatic even if I’m religiously taking my drugs.

See how you’re doing in another week or so (-he says, being thankful that he’s not the one suffering an scared).