Post covid headache - what a migraine!

Hey there, I’m sure by now many of you have been hit with covid. If not yet, then perhaps soon. I did a search specifically for this and thought I would open a page for those looking for answers about the migraine during and just after covid that DOES NOT GO AWAY!

I posted about this on a different thread but thought I would summarise my experience here for future sufferers.

I got Covid 8 days ago…it wasn’t pleasant. Fevers, chills, sweats and cough but nothing too dangerous. Then it hit day 4. I woke up with a migraine. A vomiting migraine, extreme photophobia, head pain, heavy foggy head! My usual Triptan which always ‘fixes’ the problem did not touch it. Same again next day. Vomiting and pounding headache. Tried another triptan… nothing. Third day - now I’m freaking! Sat up in bed and vomited in a bucket ( expert migrainer).
“No no no no this can’t be happening again”

Today - 4th day - I had a Tele health with neurologist. I was due back at work yesterday. He asked about other symptoms and I told him the dizziness was mostly absent.

He said that sooo many of his patients are coming for the same reason. He confirmed that the central nervous system is involved in covid and that is not good news for us! It triggers this almighty untreatable migraine that does not let up.

He gave me largactil and voltaran. Pretty heavy stuff that largactil but has reduced it. 4 day course.

I am triple vaxxed.

@Katharina posted a link to this website for your light reading in case you’re in the same situation. I’ll post again here

Would be interested to hear of others this has affected. Would also be keen to hear whether reinfection of covid brought similar symptoms.


So interesting reading your story Belindy. We all had covid back in September and although I didn’t get any head pain, it caused me to relapse massively in terms of vestibular symptoms. I’m coming out the other side of it now, but it’s taken time, rest and medication changes to do so. I’m having an MRI mext week to see if there is any covid inflammation in my brain that might be responsible for the fact that I am still ridiculously unsteady on my feet. I was really poorly with covid, off work for a month and it took another 2 months after that for me to be up and about again - and I’m triple jabbed as well. But interestingly, my 10 year old had horrendous head pain with covid, she said it felt like someone was squeezing her head from the inside. It was horrendous seeing her in so much pain. Thankfully I don’t suffer from headaches but my husband gets the more “traditional” migraines and said it sounded as if that’s what she was getting. 8 months on, both she and my eldest daughter are still getting headaches and tummy pain, neither of which they suffered with before. I work in a school and we have a 9 year old girl who is now suffering horrendous migraines post covid, and a good friend found both hers and her daughter’s migraines were much worse both during and after covid. I don’t know if this helps at all but I thought that perhaps sharing my covid story might help someone else.


Funny you say that, I’m getting cramps in my tummy all week but it’s not diarrhoea. Feels like it though. I wonder if related.

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Haven’t had it yet, now I wish I didn’t read this @Belindy … (my head is in the sand, la la la la, lol). I hope you get relief soon, sounds awful.

Yep covid definitely whacked my symptoms for six. I had just seemingly started to get settled on propranolol, and had been feeling much better, with fewer attacks and reduced symptoms when I got covid, I quite literally crawled on my hands and knees from the car after having my covid test, the headaches were horrific- and mine are bad anyway! it took months to get back to where I had been- all be it on a different medication. Certainly set me back.

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Yeah all sounds very familiar Covid floored me for weeks a massive increase in headaches, mostly around the top of my left eye, dizziness too and nausea. The second moderna vaccine did the same for me as Covid itself… :unamused:

Hello @Belindy Did your post covid symptoms die down?

Yes they did. It took probably 3 weeks for bad fatigue to go. The headaches lessened. I still have brain fog, but then again when don’t I. And I still have the cough - which can take a while to fully clear.

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I was wondering the same thing. So glad to hear you’re better.

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