Post partum & MAV

Hey everyone,

I already posted my story but decided to start a new topic with this specific title. Anywho…are there any moms out there that got hit with MAV during the post partum period? If so, did your symptoms improve with time or was medication needed. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Gina,
I developed migraines immediately after the birth of my second son. The vertigo hit about 8 months postpartum. Sadly, I still have both. I’ve tried lots of meds but I’m still in bad shape. So for me no, it did not go away on it’s own. Not to discourage you as so many on here have indeed found a medication to help them manage their symptoms. Have you tried any medications or are you breastfeeding?
I wish you all the best. I know all too well how hard it is to have this horrific illness and take care of little babies! Hopefully you can gets some relief soon.

If you are not Breastfeeding I’d give Nori or Effexor a try. Those two seem to be the go-to’s for MAV.

Thanks for replying! So sorry to hear you still arent doing well. I hope you can find a medication thats right for you. As far as breast feeding goes, I tried the first few days but didnt have any milk so ended up just giving her formula. Im def willing to try meds even though I hate taking meds but its really hard to function feeling like this, as you already know. The only problem is I still havent been diagnosed but instead was diagnosed with bppv in both ears, which the eply manuver didnt cure. I go back to my neuro for VRT on the 8th and im gunna talk to them about MAV and hopefully they realize they were wrong about the bppv. This is all really overwhelming but im glad I found this site forsupport! Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

I got hit with MAV within a week of delivering my 3rd child. I also had other major childbirth complications so I was not diagnosed with MAV for almost a year after his birth. I was on Nortriptyline for 7 months and doing quite well. I went off due to extreme dry mouth and was miserable again. I have currently been back on Nortriptyline (I would rather have dentures than dizziness!) and having good and bad days, 2 1/2 years later, I hope it starts working really well soon!!

Bless you! This is a very, very hard illness to deal with especially with a newborn. My experience is I did get better, got sick but getting better again! I hope that you can find some relief soon. Nortripyline really has been a lifesaver for me! It’s not perfect, but so much better than where I was at!!

Yes me. My mav started about 4 months after having a baby. it hit me all at once. I am now about 4 months out from it and feeling somewhat better but still have symptoms. i feel way less dizzy and tinnitus went away but i still have ear problems and headaches. i also have jaw and sinus pressure and pain, almost daily.

Hi there,

I am 11 months post-partum and have always suffered headaches/migraines but have been able to keep them at bay with Advil. About seven months post-partum, I developed BPPV which I mistook for anxiety attacks because I would go into a panic every time I felt dizzy. Before this time, I was under a crazy amount of stress (family issues with my mother, working as self-employed from 2 weeks post-partum, lack of sleep, etc.)

For 2.5 months I walked around dizzy, which escalated my headache situation. I got more headaches, extreme light sensitive, tinnitus and felt unwell all day. Not to mention, I felt dizzy 24/7 and had panic attacks.

When I finally went to a doctor, I was diagnosed with BPPV as I was positive during testing. With repeated Epley’s, the true spinning subsided, but now I still feel residual dizziness and have to deal with anxiety issues that have developed.

I am paranoid there is something more going on as I always feel “in my head,” mild depersonalisation, panicky, dizzy off balance (without true vertigo) and like i am dying of something that someone hasn’t caught.

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Hi Sacolucci,
I just wanted you to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I know how horrible the ‘in your head’ feelings are and the panic that goes along with it. Could you go back to your doctor and ask to go on medication? Venlafaxine (Effexor) has really worked for me and got rid of that depersonalisation and dizziness too. It feels like you’re going mad sometimes but rest assured you’re not! X

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I so feel for you because am going through something similar. My symptoms started about 9 months post partum. I have to work early in the morning, so I’m headed to bed, but I’ll PM you and elaborate in the morning. I hate that feeling that something isn’t being caught, btw. It’s the worst!

I just have no idea what it is that is causing all of this


Water/red eyes in morning. Feels like infection/pink eye but it isn’t and it’s every morning
-headached every 2 days always in same spot (feels like it’s deep within the ear)

  • constant off balance feeling

  • sense of movement in the car even when it has stopped

  • had BPPV at the onset of this the spinning sensation has since resolved

  • feel like room is bouncy or not steady

  • feel dizzy when looking down and then look up

  • computers and scrolling cell phone makes it worse

  • sometimes when I am looking down for long periods of time I get a rush of vertigo

  • When headache is coming on I feel leg/muscle weakness and shaky

  • pre-existing anxiety condition from my teenage years and panic attacks and constant anxiety have resumed.
    -11 months post-partum with second child and self-employed

  • Have been under tremendous stress proceeding this - do not talk to mother, stressful job with long hours at computer, etc. also have a four-year old.

  • Have visual snow at night when I wake up

  • Halos around street signs but eye sight is 20/20

  • Feel depressed and have thoughts of hopelessness.

Doctors I have seen:

ENT - Hearing test normal - negative for Manieres, positive for BPPV. ENT says to do habituation exercises referred to Neuro-muscular dentist because of “poor jaw alignment”
NEUROLOGIST - BPPV with a component of migraine associated vertigo
NATUROPATH - SCM Trigger Point not even oxygen or blood flow going to the brain.
NEURO-MUSCULAR DENTIST - Clenching teeth evident with strongly misaligned jaw bone.

FAMILY PHYSICIAN: Had BPPV but now I have Chronic Subjective Dizziness (possible some migraine) but history of anxiety triggering dizziness/depersonalization symptoms.

Any thoughts?