Post surgery vertigo?

Hi everyone,
I only find an 11 year old post about this subject, so I thought I would ask to get more recent info.
I have been lucky enough to never have had surgery except for a tubal after an epidural and dental surgery, and am considering having a non-emergency gynecological surgery early next year. I was just wondering if folks on here have experienced Vertigo post surgery. Is it common? Since it’s elective, should I not do it? I certainly don’t want to trigger anything.

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Sadly we do seem to maintain the increased sensitivity that comes with MAV indefinitely so it’s much law of averages that something will at some point trigger it. Then again if we are under control on medication we have to remember that is exactly what we are. Under control in meds, neither ‘recovered’ not ‘cured’. It is still present underneath. Not so long back there was somebody who had it return post dental surgery after eight years on Celexa. Personally and very much retrospectively I think I can attribute my rather overblown reactions and extended recovery periods in recent years post surgery to MAV sensitivity but of course have no way of proving it. I wouldn’t put off having a procedure if it was deemed desirable though. Best to just build in time for a possibly extended recovery just in case…


I had a breast reduction done last July and I had no flare up after at all. I felt very stressed and worried about it before and had a few off days but was so happy I’d done it after I was fine. I did think the anaesthetic would affect my dizziness but it didn’t. I think if your at a point where it’s controlled you will be ok.

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