Out of surgery OK, 3.5 hrs., in hospital 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. … But with 6 elbow screws, bone cadaver (some bone was crushed), and had a disagreeable reaction to the anesthesia (throwing-up). Now on the painkillers, cast/sling and PT starting Monday…! Only right-handed typing right now, so short, abbreviated post.

George – what a nightmare. Hope you are hanging in there ok. What has this done to your MAV symptoms?

Hard to say Scott. Feel more woozy/dizzy at times though not always. Might just be the 2 strong painkillers I’m on (Norco, Oxycontin) + anti-inflammatory (Toradol). So many drugs going in. Not thrilled w/injury, long PT recovery and week on the whole was very tough for family. Mom got migraine that took the E.R. 2 doses of hydromorphone (morphine derivative + 10 TIMES as strong!!) to kill. Think that narcotic has given her temporary, if bad, depression.

She also has upcoming neck surgery (Dec. 16) and probably anxious about it.

Also everyone but me (in the family) got switched to the supposedly wonderful Blue Cross Blue Shield. They’re causing headaches every time someone here tries to get an Rx filled…

Hi George, sorry you are having a run of bad luck. I have stuff going on too. Daughter on crutches, fell down dancing! Husband got what now looks like the swine flu (he could hardly breathe with coughing, then I caught it, not so severe, but still coughing after 3 weeks, then we all got the tummy bug. In the middle of this my mum was taken to hospital with a heart attack, she lives on her own so we were going back and forth 20 miles. Then on Friday had to go with husband to hospital for Carpel Tunnel op (the nurse was Romanian, not that that is a problem, my adopted daughter is Romanian), but she put the wrong name on his wrist and said they were operating on his leg (it was his wrist) and the sling took her 9 attempts! Funniest looking sling I have ever seen! I had to drive him back in a car I hadnt driven for 8 years. Now I am trying to help mum 20 miles away and husband cant do anything with one hand. Bit like a bad comedy!

Hope you are on the mend now, things can only get better (where have I heard that before!)