Post workout/recovery nutrition

Hi all

Long time maver but hardly post here. I used to be a huge gym bunny but because of mav, stopped going for around a year. Recently got back into the gym and I’m really enjoying my work outs and the adrenalin kicks :twisted: problem is that I’m seriously suffering from muscle fatigue and pain.

Question here is, does anyone know of a Mav friendly protein based shake? I’m not going to use maximuscle or any of the popular brands as they contain taurine which is a stimulant I should avoid. Have a feeling taking all the protein/creatine/caffeine mix pre Mav was one of the triggers that set me on this lovely Mav path so keen to avoid! Thoughts welcome all.


Hi Khal,

I used to weight train a lot before my MAV started and ive just gone back to the gym after 6 years of not training.

I have used pea and rice protein (unflavoured) which are both pretty bad tasting and can sometimes be a trigger for me but most of the time im OK with them. You’ll need to either just neck them or come up with your own migraine friendly flavouring. Im ok with apple and mango juice so ive been adding that to improve the flavour. Best place ive found to get them is myprotein.

Im also considering getting some milk protein (whey and casein) to try. From what ive read i think its going to be a trigger as googling either gives you pages of references to both being blamed for migraines but they are no doubt the best to proteins out there for muscle recovery and price.

Have you tried any milk proteins?

Hi Matt,

I am currently trying soya protein from holland and barretts. Its ok and I havent noticed too many issues with symptoms ramping up because of it. Like you, I literally neck them because its like drinking chalk. Will check out myprotein for the pea and rick protein. Pea protein sounds totally gross though!!

I’ve been dairy free for about a year now and don’t intend on trying any milk protein as its a definite trigger for me.

Pea does taste a little of pea, not in a nice way though.

I hadn’t really considered soya protein as I read this by David Buchholz in which he suggests that soya protein could be a bad idea. Interesting that you are OK with it though, I may give it a go and see.