Postpartum vertigo/tinnitus

Hi everyone! The ENT i saw wanted me to check out this site to see if any of my symptoms were similar. He’s not sure if i have Ménière’s or vestibular migraines.

I had my 2nd baby about 5 months ago. At 3 months PP, i started to experience a fullness in my left ear. I also had some lightheadedness that would last for a few minutes at a time. Nothing i couldn’t tolerate. At 4 months, i experienced High pitched loud ringing In the same ear, then the room started spinning. I vomited shortly after for hours. This happened 4 times in a week. Since then, I’ve had nonstop ringing in one ear and hour long episodes of lightheadedness daily. I can’t move my head or body because it makes me dizzy and nauseous, and my head feels very heavy. A few times I’ve tried to get up to make it to bed and have stumbled, needing to hold on to the wall. About a week ago, i started experiencing headaches after these attacks.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Hi Lisa,
Welcome to the forum… though I’m sorry you are having these issues! They all sound very familiar to many people here. Take a look through some of the common symptoms of MAV here: Symptoms common to MAV & VM
Have you had any hearing loss along with these symptoms?
So sorry your suffering!

Thank you! I’ll check that out. Yes, i have had documented hearing loss twice. I also had a hearing test when the ear fullness subsided, and my hearing was back to normal. I’ve also been on a diuretic and low sodium diet for a month, and neither has helped.

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With your hearing loss, is it one ear or both alternately? Have you had a chance to check out Dr Haines website? Migraine associated vertigo -- Vestibular Migraine
And here: Meniere's Disease
You will find an overwhelming amount of great information there also. Let us know what your thoughts are when you have a chance to look through it all. :purple_heart:

Hi Lisa and welcome. We aren’t medics on here so cannot give you a diagnosis I’m afraid. I would suggest you ask to be referred to a neurologist or even better in your circumstances a neuro-otologist. Could be you deafness is confusing the diagnostic issue somewhat which, if nothing else is an excellent excuse, should it be needed, to press your case for a second opinion. Vestibular conditions can be difficult to diagnose but the nearer the professionals can get the better for you.

Sounds to me, as a fellow sufferer not a medic, much like Vestibular Migraine. If you use the site’s Search facility I’m sure you’ll find many similar cases. Vestibular Migraine and hormones have very strong links, many women find it starting up at menarche, post partum, or menopause.

It would be interesting to know which ENT directed you towards this site seeking confirmation. Lucy Atkins on the problems surrounding dizziness | Life and style | The Guardian

Sorry you are going through this! Do you have a history of migraines or a family history? If you do, that usually leads away from Menieres.

Lisa, sorry you are going through this. My symptoms started when my son was 4 -5 months and coincided with me stopping breastfeeding at night (long story, had to pump all the time, so I managed to start pumping only during the day and stopped at night) and my period back, so I definitively think it is hormonal for me. I am pretty good now, just rocking mildly at times, but when my period comes, it is difficult. Now my question is if you are still breastfeeding or your period is back or are you using contraception? I developed a small ringing in one of my ears when I was pregnant, and I have it intermittently, in retrospect I think this was related to migraines. Anyhow, I would get a second opinion with an otoneurologist, and start treatment right away, so you can be functional for your little one. You will get better. I am happy to chat more with you privately if you need support.